Sailing through this unprecedented challenge with Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide

Just like most of us, I am also living under uncertainty and anxiety as to what’s going to happen next once Circuitbreaker measures are eased in Singapore. Will there be that deadly second wave, what if the infection spreads again and we get affected, is recession coming, what will happen to jobs and whether we will survive this period and emerge successful. Frankly speaking, even if we try to remain as positive as possible, the outlook seems to be a bit grim. It’s good that I read “Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide” that gave me a solid advice and some great tips and tricks to cope with the prevailing Covid-19 situation.

Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide, RainbowDiaries

There are 2 aspects that scare me as a mom. Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide gave me insights for both these aspects. Let me share with you what I got to know:

What if I / loved ones get infected?

This fear is on the top of the mind as the Covid-19 situation is a pandemic, there’s a very real chance that we might get infected with the virus.

Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide, RainbowDiaries

It is reassuring to know that we are really in safe hands and in Singapore there’s best possible medical care available. But how about medical expenses that can mount up to a few thousands.

Two important points to be noted:

  • As long as we are a Singapore citizen, resident, or long term pass holder and didn’t go overseas after 27 March 2020, the government will fully absorb the cost of our Covid-19 testing, as well as treatment and hospitalisation costs at public hospitals. Singapore citizens and PRs also get subsidised rates at PHPC clinics.
  • Relying on our insurance policies is another comforting factor. Our existing health or life insurance plans may make us eligible for further financial benefits. The major insurers in Singapore have added Covid-19 coverage to their insurance policies. These include hospitalisation income, quarantine allowance, and lump-sum payouts for critical condition or death.

Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide explains this situation of “What if I / loved ones get infected?” in a very precise way and when I read above two points about medical care and finances for the same, I felt kind of relieved.

What if job is lost?

Covid-19 has affected almost all sectors and the shadow of recession is looming over entire job scene. As a working professional, what if job is lost is a nagging question that I had on mind. When I referred to Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide, I found out about various Covid-19 Relief Schemes that are for the Rescue whether we are an employee or free-lancer or business owner.

  • The Temporary Relief Fund and Covid-19 Support Grant are two schemes that are available to all Singapore citizens and PRs whose incomes have been affected by Covid-19. It could be either a job loss or pay cut or income loss. The key scheme is the Support Grant, which pays out S$800 a month for 3 months to eligible individuals.
  • Also, the list of Part-time gigs, 10 recruitment agencies for searching jobs are extremely valuable resources in Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide.
Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide, RainbowDiaries

We all are in this together and am sure you’ll also have lots of doubts on your mind about sailing through this Coronatime. Whether you are a Singapore citizen or PR, whether self-employed or salaried, whether insured or uninsured – Moneysmart’s Covid-19 Survival Guide is a complete reference guide that we all must look out for. Get it here!

Stay safe, stay protected, stay positive and this too shall pass.

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  2. At these time, the money managemnt is so important as the situation for everyone is becoming so tough.i think this post will help people for doing so.

  3. Singapore government is doing a great job by covid-19 support grant and providing free treatment to its citizens. You are living in a great country at the moment.

  4. Khushboo Wase

    Because of covid19 there are so many job cuts and many people have not got there salary also which is very sad. Hope thing gets fine soon.

  5. This is such a useful topic to write on during this pandemic when people r falling sick n losing jobs too.

  6. Thanks for giving information about money smart covid survival schemes. It’s a Survival Guide is a complete reference guide that we all must look out for.

  7. The effects of Covid-19 reach far beyond its health implications. The financial and social implications are far reaching as economies world wide struggle to stay afloat.

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