First Hand Tips On How To Kill The Lethargy And Boredom During Covid-19 Lockdown

This picture was taken when I dressed up to sit on our sofa and hubby clicked me because after N number of days, he saw me in something different than tees, shorts and pyjamas.


Jokes apart but Covid-19 and resultant lockdowns can make one very lethargic and you can get trapped in the feeling of persistent boredom. I definitely have experienced it and experiencing it. So sharing with you a few of my tried and tested ways to keep the lockdown blues away!

  • RECOGNIZE the fact that it’s NOT HOLIDAYS for you
    You still have to WORK and complete your tasks if you are working from home and mom duties also!  If you are stay-at-home mom, usual work is always there and in fact more now because if you have temporarily stopped getting part time helpers from agencies like many of my friends.
  • EAT consciously –
    Generally when you are staying home, you feel like eating and eating. Just think about your ballooned figure post-CB and start eating healthy.
    while #StayHomeStaySafe – keep yourself engaged. We are often  successful in keeping kids engaged but how about ourselves? So, ensure you are doing something – cooking, baking, gardening, cleaning, DIYing, playing with kids something…I sometimes just go and take a round of all rooms if nothing else is there to do.
    Who else is dealing with grass-like hair and monster-like eyebrows . That’s reality! But, we can take care of ourselves while we are indoors. Nourish hair with oil, tweeze eyebrows, use kitchen ingredients and do facial. All this will help to look better and to keep sane! Also, dress up sometimes and put some makeup.
    it’s the best time to connect with friends and family members whom we haven’t met for years. The other day, I had a zoom party with my primary school friends. Such a happy time we had even though it was virtual.
  • TAKE Pleasure in going for GROCERY shopping and brisk walks – Breathe in some fresh air (via the mask), look around and appreciate little wonders of nature around you and buy some fresh vegetables. At the same time, remain fit and alert.
    Treat it as a period to learn something new, relearn old hobbies and unlearn bad habits. This whole process can be very rewarding.

What are your Quarantine Mantras? Do share with me!

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12 thoughts on “First Hand Tips On How To Kill The Lethargy And Boredom During Covid-19 Lockdown”

  1. I love cooking and have started to make some delicacies which I only tried at mom’s place ? I love that dress and thank you for this post, I have been a lot lazy and have stopped work these days. Procrastination is the worst but I will plan and dress up tomorrow for WFH ?

  2. Loved your quarantine mantras! Im taking time out fir lit of reading , writing & playing with pet. Occasionally i dress up & click pictures too. And phone calls to nears have become eveyday favourite.

  3. I have been following most of these to stay away from boredom. Video calls have been savior till now. Staying active helps too.

  4. These are some tips to keep ourselves busy at this situation. I like doing yoga and reading now.

  5. Just started with evening walks with mask on and playing board games with kids, for which I never found time.

  6. Sandy N Vyjay

    It is really very necccessary to be on top of those feelings of lethargy that are sure to crop up when being couped indoors. Guess the best way to handle this is to build up a healthy and active routine, and not treat this as a long vacation.

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