5 Reasons Why StarHub Smart WiFi with Nokia Beacon 1 is the best for our home

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WiFi is as important for life as food, water and air! – Well, I might be exaggerating a bit but honestly, that’s the case with many [or most] of us. Especially during this Covid-19 period when country is under #circuitbreaker, we need WiFi more than ever. I am so so happy that we got StarHub Smart WiFi exactly when it is so much required.


When we moved to our new home before 3-4 months back, one thing we immediately noticed that the signal of the our WiFi was strong only in the living room. Ours is supposed to broad-band and hi-capacity WiFi as per the provider but it just didn’t work properly in Master bedroom, Kids room. So imagine, if we are relaxing in other rooms, it’s always our Data plan that we had to burn! Not done…Being in IT, we played with our routers and all but alas, it just didn’t give us better connectivity from most parts of the home. In fact, can you imagine that network just used to freeze with no signal when we moved from one room to another. Dead spots as they call it as. Time to get a MESH WiFi SYSTEM that addresses coverage problems within the home – we already knew!

When we searching for a few options for a mesh WiFi system, some of our friends recommended that why not we try out StarHub Smart WiFi. They were using it and really liking it. So we visited our nearest StarHub store and got started with our StarHub Smart WiFi. We were thinking that there is going to be a long procedure, documentation, setup before we actually start getting benefited from it but no, it’s so straightforward to ensure that there are no more WiFi woes at your home.


5 reasons why StarHub Smart WiFi really works for our home:

1. High speed WiFi from every part of the home:

StarHub Smart WiFi reaches every nook and corner of your home and what you get is a seamless and smooth experience. Video streaming or browsing social media or playing games have never been such a joy. No more drops or dead spots or disconnections of network in our home after setting up StarHub Smart Wifi.

I’m sure there must be still disruptions and uneven speed of Internet from the ISP’s side but StarHub Smart Wifi Mesh system monitors congestion, interference and signal strength and switches WiFi channels and frequencies automatically for the best data routes in every part of the home.

2. Easy to Setup and Dedicated Mobile App

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist when it comes to setup and installation of StarHub Smart WiFi which is a new plug-and-play mesh WiFi networking system that comes with Nokia Beacon 1.

Installing them is as easy as plug-and-play. We simply scanned a QR code on the Nokia mobile app and it was up in minutes. Also comes with automatic software updates to keep security and performance features up-to-date.

Parental controls as well as a WiFi heat map to help you identify the best location for your Smart WiFi units are added advantages. The app has an integrated customer care system in the form of a 24/7 in-app live chat. It indeed allows you and to seek expert technical help. Wow! it’s the first of its kind in Singapore.

How we manage our network with the Nokia WiFi app?

  • Advanced parental controls
  • Turn on guest network
  • See connected devices
  • View device connection strength via Heat Map

3. Trusted Brand(s)

StarHub is one of the most popular telcos in Singapore and coming from them means we already have lots of trust in this smart WiFi system. Technical Support, Customer Service – StarHub has never disappointed us so far and the same thing goes even for this mesh system.

Secondly, the device comes in the form of Nokia Beacon 1 and Nokia always has that special spot in our digital heart!


We were quite assured of the quality even before we made the purchase and we are 100% happy customer as far as StarHub Smart WiFi is concerned.

Do you know that StarHub Smart WiFi works perfectly well even when your Internet provider is NOT StarHub? That makes it such a flexible gadget.

4. Complete Value for Money

How many Nokia Beacon 1s you need? It depends on the home, number of rooms, layout of the home and so on. Check out below picture to get a proper idea. We are having 2 units and they are giving us perfect service.

Check out the super affordable and need-based plans for your home here.

5. Sleek and Gels well with Home Decor

StarHub Smart WiFi looks smart and sleek. It can be placed anywhere in the home. Gels well with any type of a home decor due to its classy appearance.

Can’t wait to get StarHub Smart WiFI with Nokia Beacon 1 for your home? Here’s more information

Technical Specs:

Wireless AC1200 Dual-Band
2×2 MIMO on 2.4GHz band and 5GHz band

Smart WiFi & Seamless Roaming
Intelligent self-organizing mesh and built-in edge analytics delivers whole home optimal wireless coverage.

Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) Support
Switch over to less congested Wi-Fi bands for better wireless performance. DFS band provides you with additional 5GHz channels, enabling better performance in a router and helping to improve the internet speed.

Dual mode
Acts as a standalone Wireless Router or Mesh Unit in a mesh network.

Remote firmware upgrade
Always updated with the latest firmware without hassle.

Click here for FAQs and more information of StarHub Smart WiFi.


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  2. My WiFi also doesn’t work in all parts of house. Really like that StarHub Smart Wifi Mesh removes all congestion and works in all parts of house

  3. We too face this problem… The wifi strength in dining space is strong but I barely can watched a video in my room! Will check out this starhub wifi!

  4. A good WiFi with nice coverage at all places inside the house is a must, especially when your work revolves around the internet. The Starhub Smart WiFi seems to fit the bill perfectly.

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