Quick and Easy Minecraft Themed Birthday Party At Home

If you are expecting something very fancy, lemme tell you there is nothing like that in this post. Shrihaan’s last year birthday party was awesome fun with all the family and friends like family but this time, situation is different in Singapore. Covid-19 has affected lives quite hard and we are avoiding public places, crowds, big events and gatherings. In fact, patch up work of our new home and house warming is also on hold due to Coronavirus. Sigh! but the show must go on and that’s why, we decided to celebrate Shrihaan’s birthday in a very simple yet cool manner this time at home only.

Minecraft download for Minecraft Crazy Boy:

We have strictly avoided gaming-specifc gadgets so far. Sooner or later they will invade our home but as of now, I am saying NO to them. Kids get their mobile time and especially boy is quite a gamer already! Minecraft is an addictive fun and if used wisely, it’s in fact good to fuel kids imagination. He was asking to buy Minecraft for a long time but we were allowing him to use only free version all the while.

Shrihaan is an understanding boy and his demands are never OTT. So for this birthday of his, We downloaded full and paid version of Minecraft on our tablet and made him really happy. Little things are what kids need to smile bright.

Minecraft Themed Cake

This time things were very last minute. Once we decided to buy Minecraft game for Shrihaan then I thought why not have a small Minecraft themed party at home? I was browsing for a few options of bakers. Zeroed down to Bob The Baker Boy! and it was a good decision. Read more about our Minecraft themed cake here.

Minecraft Figurines

This was such an impromptu thought that my hubby and me got at the same time while taking a stroll in the shopping mall. Saw some awesome Minecraft figurines and they were totally value for money. So we grabbed quite a few and decorated the cake table with these figurines. See how cute they look.


Lego Minecraft Set

Boys will boys and Lego is a big attraction for my boys too. Dad and son can spend hours when it comes to Lego sets. This Minecraft Lego set from Toys R Us made our Minecraft themed quick and easy Birthday Party complete.


We gifted him the set in the evening and it was all ready to be showcased in flat 1 hour!


Food and Sister’s gift

We are proud vegetarians and this take-away media invite came at such a perfect time. We had a small restaurant like brunch at home thanks to our favourite Quorn®! They have tied up with Maki-San for their limited edition, limited period , new meat-free, breakfast offering – the All-Day Mega Breakfast. Salads to Sushi to Tempura to Burgers – all clean eats – full of protein and fibre – tasty and oh-so-nutritious.


Eeshaa is super busy now a days with all the school assignments and her Student Leader duties but when it comes to Little Brother’s Birthday, she gifted him in her own classy and creative way.


The point is it’s never about how much money you spend on kids birthday parties. It’s all about how you as a family celebrate together and pay special attention to each other’s liking. We tried to do the same for our Birthday Boy.


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9 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Minecraft Themed Birthday Party At Home”

  1. My nephew is also planning minecraft birthday party for his birthday. He is very excited for it, will share the blog with bhabhi for tips

  2. All kids will love Minecraft themed birthday party I am sure. All the clicks of the party is nice

  3. Minecraft themed birthday party sounds perfect idea and kids would definitely going to enjoy this to the core. Thanks for sharing

  4. that is an extremely awesome birthday idea, it is not that hard but it will surely bring a smile on your kid’s face.

  5. That’s true… It’s not about money, but the quality time spent having fun… The cake and food look delicious! ❤️
    Belated happy birthday to kiddo!

  6. I am sure not only Shrihaan but all the kids will love Minecraft themed birthday party. What a fun way to celebrate birthday. I agree on Corono virus by the way. It had created havoc all across the world.

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