What’s your beauty color?

I have skin concerns just like any other ladies. Fine lines, dry and sensitive skin. Thankfully, there are no wrinkles as of now but sooner or later they will be there! The best I can do is to be ahead and try to delay the ageing process. Anti-ageing treatments come handy at this juncture and recently, I discovered VitaRealm Beauty drinks where you can choose the drink that is based on your beauty color.

Read on to know more about VitaRealm Beauty drinks and how they can effectively answer your skin concerns.


Which is my Beauty color?

I love purple color and incidentally my VitaRealm beauty color is also purple!

VitaRealm Purple: Anti-A.G.E. Essence drink helps to fight the signs of ageing like fine lines.

Do you know?  Sugar causes aging

In fact, recommended sugar consumption each day is 6 spoons but a cup of milk tea with pearl actually contains 20.5 spoons. Many of us consume much more sugar than we should be consuming. Cup cakes, Soft drinks and more…All this sugary stuff if consumed in excessive quantities causes a process called glycation which interferes with the skin and leads to a loss in elasticity and volume resulting in wrinkles, fine lines and dark pigments.

Result? Skin starts sagging, becomes dry and starts getting wrinkles and fine lines.

How VitaRealm Anti-A.G.E Essence can help?

VitaRealm Anti-A.G.E Essence contains Youth Revival Complex which helps to reverse the glycation process and fight aging signs. It also contains Rose Extract that is a strong anti-oxidant. Rose extract helps to strengthen skin cells & regenerate skin tissues which will in turn help to reduce the process of forming fine lines and wrinkles.

When I got my VitaRealm packs, my first impression was – Wow, the packing looks cool and it’s very convenient to consume the drinks. They taste great – tangy but not sour and leaves a nice taste on your tongue.


I have been drinking it and have found some positive effects like less dry skin. It’s perfectly suited to my stomach and sensitive skin. No side effects are observed. My skin appears to be clearer and looks more hydrated.


How to choose your Beauty color?

It’s pretty simple to identify your skin concerns and choose the RIGHT VitaRealm drink.

  • Your Beauty color is Blue if you have a dull skin tone, dry skin, uneven skin tone, dark pigments.
  • Your Beauty color is Pink if you have sensitive skin, troubled skin, acne-prone skin, acne scars, enlarged pores
  • Your Beauty color is Purple if you have Thin and dry skin, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines

Which VitaRealm drink is for you based on your Beauty Color?

  • For Blue beauty color, choose VitaRealm Whitening Collagen that helps to brighten skin, even out skin tone, lighten dark pigments
  • For Pink beauty color, choose VitaRealm Skin Perfecting Essence to balance sebum production and to heal acne and scars
  • For Purple beauty color, choose VitaRealm Anti-A.G.E Essence that hydrates and firms skin, reduces sugar induced skin damages like wrinkles and fine lines

More Info:

  • VitaRealm comes in box of 8 and available for purchase from our www.vitarealmbeauty.com at $49.90 with free doorstep delivery for SG orders. They are having a promo now at only $39.90 for the month of July!
  • You can also get it from Watson’s stores at a discounted price of $39.90 for a box of 8 bottles only for a Limited period!

Join the Giveaway and Win!

Join the Instagram story giveaway of @Shub_SG and Two Lucky winners could win: 1 box of 8 bottles each. Stay tuned to my Instagram on 17 July!


Steps to win:

  • Follow @vitarealmbeauty and @Shub_SG
  • Tag @vitarealmbeauty and @Shub_SG
  • Fill up the template and post your beauty color on Instagram

Pls note that your Account must be public.

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14 thoughts on “What’s your beauty color?”

  1. Yes i know that there are different ingredients that harm our skin and sugar is one of them. Great to know about vita realm skin drinks.

  2. Now that I have read your post, I realise my beauty colour is blue and I can choose my beauty drink accordingly. Glad to learn about such awesome people!

  3. I am happy to know that there are beauty drinks available.The best part is it works from inside.What are the ingredients?

  4. You are right about having to take steps to slow down the aging process. I fall under the blue colour and the Vitarealm Collagen seems to be a good choice.

  5. I have always believed that the way to a healthy skin is through the stomach.Your diet has a lot of bearing on the health of your skin. VitaRealm Beauty drinks sure seems to vindicate my thoughts. I like the way you find out your beauty colour and focus on the drink that is for your type of skin.

  6. This sounds such a nice product. If it hydrates and brings glow I am definitely into it. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  7. Vitarealm products sound interesting….i definately need to incorporate it in my diet….are they available on amazon?.

  8. Mandira Adhikari

    Being a physician who primarily handles hair and skin problems, this post is very intriguing to me!

  9. Wow this is cool stuff. I wish they had something for men too. I am sure I would have tried and used in the long run if effective. 🙂

    Utpal Khot

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