Affordable & Unique Event Venues to host your Events in Singapore

Is it a hassle to search through hundreds and hundreds of possible event venues just to find the right one? Having trouble liaising with the venues or worrying about breaking the bank for an event venue? Fret not! Venuerific is the perfect solution for you! Be it hosting a 1st birthday party, kid’s birthday party, 21st birthday party or corporate events such as seminar, team-building, meeting, and networking to all the in-betweens, such as bridal shower, baby shower, proposal and anniversary party. Venuerific helps with all your venue woes from an extensive collection of venues such as function rooms, cafes, bars, restaurants, outdoor event spaces, galleries, studios to event unique venues such as warehouses, private estates and loft, basically, the list is crazy at

As the pioneer in event venue marketplace, it has the largest exquisite collection of venues. Apart from Singapore, there are spaces around Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong. Venuerific makes sourcing for an event venue easy and breezy. Organizers can browse through the online platform, choose a venue and make an inquiry directly to the venue owners. With these three easy steps, you are ready to host a celebration of a lifetime. Here are some amazing venues available for booking at Venuerific!

Baby Shower Event (Cafe, Country-club, Hotel, Loft-studio)

Adopted from western counterpart, baby showers event have been gaining popularity in recent years right here in Singapore. Discover spaces such as hotels and halls as well on Venuerific to throw a fun and unique themed baby shower for your baby! Whether you would like to go along with some of the most popular themes and packages such as Dinosaur, Jungle, or Disney, start with the right venue from Venuerific.

Into The Woods: A jungle/garden themed intimate and cozy studio


Control Space by Parallel: A unique hidden loft stocked with entertainment like foosball and video games


Baby Full Month Celebration (Restaurant, Ballroom, Villa)

The first exciting milestone in the baby’s life is their very first month on Earth. Why not share this magical and intimate moment with your loved ones by throwing a Baby Full Month celebration? Venuerific has one of the most comprehensive and diverse types of venues here in Singapore. Be it a simple studio of an exquisite villa, Venuerific’s venues will sure make your Baby Full Month Celebration a one-of-a-kind experience.

Come and Say Hello Studio: A small and intimate studio with minimalistic design


Villa Paradiso: A charming Balinese villa in the Botanic Gardens surrounded by lush greenery


Kid’s Birthday Party (Function room, Halal venues)

Kid’s birthday parties are always a fun occasion to plan and look forward to. Host an out of this world birthday party for your kid! Venuerific’s venues are both flexible and versatile in nature. Whether it is a jungle or princess themed party, the free-flowing living spaces of the venues makes hosting any kid’s birthday party affordable and stress-free. Have your fun-filled and exciting kid’s birthday party with Venuerific!

KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar: A modern two-storey dessert cafe with delicious sweet treats


Plentyfull: A versatile and unique space that serves great artisanal cuisine


Off-site meeting (Outdoor, creative space, retreat venue)

 Nowadays, companies are looking for exciting off-site meeting spaces to host their off-site meeting. A space that inspires creativity and push forth innovation. A place where ideas can be explored outside the four walls of the office. Venuerific’s spaces are perfect for hosting a trendy off-site meeting. Explore venues such as lofts and recreational centre that you can rent for your own private use!

Chun Tsubaki: A Danish-Japanese inspired loft that is simple yet aesthetically pleasing


Cloud9 Events: An fun and exciting recreational centre, comfortably furnished with sofas and beanbags


Team Bonding (Cooking Studio, Baking studio, Rooftop bar)

Looking for a place to hang out and relax with your friends and family? A place with chill vibes and comfortable seating? Explore trendy venues such as lofts and industrial warehouses that you can rent for your own private use. You can compare these spaces easily to entertainment havens! With all the fun activities such as foosball, board games, card games, pool table, karaoke and more, you and your team will definitely bond and be entertained for hours on end!

HAPPEN: A vibrant and spacious shophouse, tucked away in the corner of Jalan Besar


1927: A stunning rooftop restaurant bar, overlooking the scenic Singapore landscape


Training & Seminar (Multi-purpose hall, Workshop, Lecture hall)

With a plethora of beautiful event spaces here at Venuerific, this online venue sourcing platform is absolutely perfect when you are deciding where to host your next training and seminar program. Venuerific has spaces that are fully equipped with cutting edge technological gadgets, and also beautifully furnished interior. Whether you are looking for a co-working space or an art centre, Venuerific has it all!

Distrii Singapore Republic Plaza: A flexible working space that gives off professional vibes


Aliwal Arts Centre: A simplistic and versatile living space, equipped with cutting edge AV technology


Inquire to these beautiful, unique, and trendy spaces on and email for any further inquiries.

Venuerific is Southeast Asia’s largest event venues marketplace currently in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia.We are a dynamic team that loves introducing people to all manner of amazing, trendy, beautiful, professional, and truly uniques venues.
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