Effective and Affordable – Bee Choo Ladies Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment

My hair look pretty good and touchwood quite thicker but grey hair is the constant issue I have faced since 20-21 years old. Hereditary actually so I have accepted it as is. Once the hair are grey, all one can do is color them! So all I ensure is to – go for a safe and gentle treatment as possible. Recently, I found one effective and affordable alternative to color my hair – all natural, made from herbs and safe for scalp and hair at Bee Choo Ladies.

Read on to find out more about Bee Choo Ladies Services.

Bee Choo Ladies Herbal Treatment Paste is derived from a secret traditional formula for scalp and hair problems. It’s prepared fresh in Singapore. If you are looking for all-in-one solution for –

  • Promoting hair growth
  • Controlling oily and itchy scalp
  • Controlling dandruff outbreaks and
  • Coverage of grey hair with natural herbal dye

then you should definitely try Bee Choo Ladies. And did I tell you that they charge as per your hair length?! That makes the treatment even more value for money.

My review is obviously based on the sessions I have personally tried, tested and liked.

Bee Choo Ladies Treatment Process

The whole process takes around 1 and a half hours. I found it pretty swift. Special mention of the friendly staff who seem to be quite expert in what they are doing and are ready to resolve your doubts.

Scalp Analysis:

When you book the appointment, the consultant will do the scalp analysis by using advance microscopic scalp analysis device from Korea which can magnify what we usually see with our naked eyes up to 300x.

Application of ginger hair tonic on the scalp

It’s important to prepare your scalp for the treatment and to ensure better absorption of nutrients from Bee Choo Origin’s herbal paste.

my dry, frizzy and grey hair before the treatment…


Application of 100% pure virgin olive oil onto ends

This step is to combat split ends while conditioning hair for a smoother and shinier tresses.


Application of Herbal Treatment

Well, the herbal paste does look like henna but it’s different. The herbs that go into this paste are all-natural and chinese. Also, Bee Choo Ladies keep it smoother and no-mess compared to henna.


This is me after the consultant applied Bee Choo Origin’s Herbal paste.


Steaming Process

Steaming takes around 45 mins and this helps open up scalp pores making the absorption of the ingredients smoother.

The consultant gave me a hot shoulder pack and it was so relaxing.


Wash & Blow

Time to wash hair! The consultant blew it partially so that the absorption of nutrients continues for the next few hours after treatment.


The smoothness, shine and flow of the hair is so strikingly visible in this pic. Also, I loved those red natural highlights the herbal paste gives.

To compliment and strengthen the benefits of Bee Choo Ladies’ Herbal Treatment, I am using Bee Choo Shampoo and Conditioner. They are working so well and click here to find out about more about their products. We have to note one more thing and that is Bee Choo Ladies Herbal Paste treatment will give you a hair color which is near to your actual hair with reddish, orangeish  tint. So the choice of the color is limited.

More Info of Bee Choo Origin Ladies


5 Pahang Street,

Singapore 198606

Tel: +65 6291 5354

Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri: 10.00 AM – 08.00 PM

Sat, Sun & All PH: 10.00 AM – 08.00 PM


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  2. Oh my god, the Bee Choo herbal hair treatment seems so relaxing and effective too. I can notice visible differerence in your hair texture.. Great..

  3. Bee choo hair treatment made your hair looks so healthy and shiny. I too loved the red highlights in it. How long does the colour stay

  4. This herbal hair scalp treatment looks very effective. I will suggest this article to my aunty as she is facing split end problem. Thank you for sharing this article.

  5. Hair fall and hair damage is a common problem that everyone face… But this herbal hair treatment looks very promising… Very nice pampering session u enjoyed…

  6. The Bee Choo hair treatment appears like something I would like to go in for. The fact that they use natural and herbal ingredients is what really piqued my interest. Treatment looks safe and healthy for the hair.

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