Roses and Roses Only! 3 reasons why we think they are the best gift options

Roses and Roses Only and Roses only from Roses Only! What am I writing?! Well, I simply can’t get over the beauty of the roses sent by Roses Only. Roses Only brings amazing-most variety of the world’s finest roses right at the doorsteps of you and your loved ones. I mean I totally didn’t know that there could be so many types and colors of roses – Red, Pastel red, mauve, rainbow, white cream, bright pink, cherry brandy and so many more. Roses Only offers those famous 60-80cm long stemmed Roses that are very unique and look absolutely gorgeous.

Why we think that Roses from Roses Only are the best gift options?

Roses simply win your heart and they are best mood-uplifters 

Rose is the King of All the Flowers. Most of you will definitely agree with me. They look beautiful, classy, royal and something about their look and feel that they just make you feel special! Am not even going to start about the health benefits of roses and all but just one look at roses and your day is made better.

Their fragrance is subtle and refreshing and helps you to see at the brighter side of the life. True?

How do you like this 18 BRIGHT MIXED ROSES GIFT BOX? I can’t take off my eyes from these beauties…

Roses are great for any occasion

Whether it’s someone’s birthday or anniversary or Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, this is one gift that weaves its magic every single time. Have you seen happy faces of loved ones when you gift them Roses? I have seen and that’s one of reasons why I think Roses are the best gift options.

Whose heart won’t melt with these Red Roses from Roses Only?

Other gifts are incomplete without Roses

Okay, this is debatable but I am of the opinion that Roses complete gifts! Imagine you get a Ring as a gift and you get a Ring and Roses along with it as a gift – which one you would prefer?? I would certainly choose second option. Roses and Chocolates, Roses and Champagne, Roses and Teddy bear – wow! for me they are the never-go-out-of-the-fashion gifts.

Which gift option you liked more? Roses Only has both and I can’t decide because both are equally tempting…

Roses Only, Singapore

Oh by the way, Christmas is almost here…Roses Only’s Christmas Collection is something you must browse and shop for!

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17 thoughts on “Roses and Roses Only! 3 reasons why we think they are the best gift options”

  1. I just Love Roses!!! we can express our love, affection, appreciation or praise through Flowers which make someone’s day more special. I would love to give a gift of fresh flowers especially Roses and thanks for sharing the information

  2. Sydney | A World in Reach

    I love getting roses as a gift too! These are absolutely beautiful; I might have to start hinting to my boyfriend haha

  3. Ooh I love roses! They are so beautiful ? These colors are all so pretty too! What a great idea for the upcoming holidays ?

  4. The roses look beautiful and they are also my favourite flowers. I would love to receive these from Roses and Roses.

  5. I received one of these beautiful packs, and I have never forgotten it. It was just stunning. I would be so happy to send to any of my friends or family – the quality is so high.

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