Our DIY Paper Plate Hat

DIY is a way to go in our home. Especially daughter and her Appa are creative people and they can make anything out of anything!

This time my boy too joined the bandwagon and we made this beautiful DIY Paper Plate Hat.

Paper plates is the most common thing found in every household and if you think it can be used only for serving food, think again! It’s actually a prop that can get your kids start the creative and DIY adventure. You can just let the kids color the paper plate. Look at this little art piece. As a mom, I would be stoked when the kids gift me this!

RainbowDiaries, DIY, Pixabay

Coming back to the main topic, lemme share with you straightaway the recipe:

How to make your DIY Paper Plate Hat?

1. Take paper plate. Don’t take too small size though since it is supposed to be fitting kid’s head once done.

2. Color it. Any color or Rainbow colors – let the kids express themselves freely. For us, sky is blue. For them it can be pink.

We made it on occasion of Singapore National Day so boy colored it red. Incidentally, it’s his favorite color too.

Let the colored paper plate dry.

DIY, Paper Plate Hat, Singapore, RainbowDiaries, Top Parenting Blogger

3. Cut some shapes out of paper separately. Some small in size and some big. Again, I would suggest you not to interfere and let kids decide. Messy is beautiful, remember this moms!

Since ours is based on Singapore theme, boy went for moon and stars. Alternatively, you can printout the shapes on a paper and let the kids cut.

Be careful and lend a helping hand with cutting tools. Safety first.

4. Next step needs a bit of technique, precision and your help. Cut the paper plate in between. The cuts should look like Pizza slices like shown in the picture below:

DIY, Paper Plate Hat, Singapore, RainbowDiaries, Top Parenting Blogger

5. Gently pull the cuts upwards and your hat is almost ready.

DIY, Paper Plate Hat, Singapore, RainbowDiaries, Top Parenting Blogger

6. Boy glued some more moons and stars on the paper plate. When you are making it, ensure all gets dry.

Finally, the boy with his Paper Plate Hat on.

DIY, Singapore, RainbowDiaries, Top Parenting Blogger

Did you find this DIY recipe exciting and super simple to try? Then please do try and share the pics with me. Any other DIY ideas? Pour them in comments. Happy DIYing to all.


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