Mom N Me Fashionista Blockbuster won Momtribe in Singapore

If you are a regular visitor of this blogsite, you must be knowing that am into event organizing with my other Social Media mums namely Kavita, Saraswathi and Anu. We all have our own individual FB groups, pages alongside our blogs and Instagram. Collectively we have more than 50K members, likes and follows – not to forget our happening Whatsapp groups. We adore our virtual family and always look to provide for opportunities where online Mom tribe of ours get some platform to showcase their hidden talents. Mom N Me Fashionista is the culmination of these efforts and we are so proud of hosting it’s third season – Mom N Me Fashionista Blockbuster – that happened on 4th Aug 2018 in Singapore Khalsa Association – bigger, better, grander compared to last 2 seasons.

Mom N Me Fashionista was a revelation of what moms can do. We organizers are moms and in the same boat like other busy moms – working at home, office, juggling multiple responsibilities and always giving priority to kids and family. In our motherhood journey, we came across many moms who were talented but somehow they were shy to showcase it or their talent was rusted. Or they had forgotten that there is “Me” to their personalities rather than just “Mom”.

This led Kavita, Sara, Anu and me to create this awesome platform called “Mom N Me Fashionista” – where we bring Moms, Kids and entire family together on the ramp and give them an unique opportunity to bond with each other and fellow moms. For this season, we got Prerna of Olive Events without whose support we wouldn’t have been able to pull the event off.

Exchange of ideas, showcasing of talents, networking with mompreneurs are just a few of the things that happen during Mom N Me Fashionista.

This season was a big change where we opted for a bigger venue like Lee Foundation auditorium of Singapore Khalsa Association, we decided to bring on board TV and Radio as official media and forged partnerships with who’s who of Singapore. Actually all this happened pretty organically and we cherished our own transition from small-time event organizers to someone who were on their path to create something spectacular! All thanks to Mom N Me Fashionista Blockbuster edition for making us realize our own potential as Organizers. Loved that stress, that jittery feeling, that running around and doing 1000 things!

Mom N Me Fashionista saw one big and glamorous gathering of around 300-350 pax consisting of moms, kids, family members, mompreneurs, dance and music groups from all over Singapore. We can’t thank you all enough for this fantabulous and wholehearted response, support and encouragement.

Pics speak louder than words and hence am straightaway sharing with you all the excitement captured through this first batch of pics. There are more albums on the way and then there will be telecast on Sony TV. Stay tuned!

Click here to see the first batch of pics:

Second batch of pics:

Third batch of pics:

We look forward to bring you more such exciting family events. Keep showering your love and blessings on Team Mom N Me.

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28 thoughts on “Mom N Me Fashionista Blockbuster won Momtribe in Singapore”

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  7. To attend and be involved in a gathering with over 300-350 people, it must be really overwhelming and yet inspirational. Moms are the job that requires the amount of multitasking, less to say one who works a day time job! Moms the best person in the world.

  8. Mom n Me Fashionista sounds like a really great organisation that is inspiring many women and families everywhere. I wish you every success.

  9. This looks like a great event. Congratulations it was so successful. Looking forward to hear more about your event.

  10. Gurjeet Chhabra

    Woow, this is so interesting , inspiring and motivating . I think event like this should also happen here that make a huge change in moms life. Your happy faces tell all the story how successful the event was.

    keep up good work
    Gurjeet Chhabra

  11. Delighted to know about your social media groups with huge following. This reflects women empowerment at its peak celebrated and shared by moms.

  12. Congratulations! I wasn’t able to view the video, but I can see all your happy faces on it! My daughter is in fashion at a University so I love seeing what else is going on in the world!

  13. This is such a great post and I am glad that there’s an organization that empowering all women not to forget their self.

  14. Catherine Santiago Jose

    First I like the group or community named Mom N Me Fashionista you will be interested upon hearing that name and lastly I like the idea of making an event that will make the family relationships stronger and motivates of those things that you don’t know that you can do.

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