Happy Mother’s Day from my Momtribe to you all amazing mothers…

I love this MomTribe of RainbowDiaries. These are the moms who motivate me to write – their stories, their love for the kids, their enthusiasm for life’s experience is all very fascinating . Read on to find what they say on this Mother’s Day!

Soma and Isheet

Soma who is a beauty queen having won many national and international beauty contests. Even after all the accolades, She is of course a mother first!!! She says:

The feeling of being mom always make a woman special. My son my pride & world.Happy Mothers Day to All.

Jasmine and Zian

This mom is smart and savvy – always ready to help others…

There is nothing like the Love between a Mother and a son. No one else will ever know the strength of my love for You. After all, you are the only one who knows what my Heart sounds like from the inside ?❤

Rachana and Devam

Kids young or old – will always love their mom…See what this teenager says about his mom…

If it weren’t for this day you wouldn’t be on this planet or any other one . If you shell out thousands of bucks out of our pocket but you will not get that much happiness . But one smile of my mother is worth million dollar. So stop thinking about yourself for one day and do something to makeup for all of that if she ask . For me there is one thing in this world which is completely irreplaceable- the nurturing love of mother and the innocent love of a daughter.

Ritika and Rivan

This sweet mom of a young mischievous boy (look at those big eyes!) has something to say this mother’s day:

Motherhood is a choice you make everyday to put someone else’s happiness ahead of yours, to teach the hard lessons to do the right thing, and to forgive yourself over and over again for doing everything wrong.

Sakshi and Saanvi

Sakshi is a new mom and is loving this phase of parenthood…

This is my first Mother’s Day (as a mother) with my 3 month old daughter Saanvi. From a girl who is not very fond of kids to a mother now, I would say motherhood is a god’s blessing. Wish everyone who wants to be a mother, gets this blessing soon. These god send little beings fill our life with so much happiness.

Gunjan and Shriya, Aarna

This trio is very active and juggles many tasks at the same time effortlessly. As Gunjan says, “They are the besties”.

Rachita and Agrim

We love your message and this pic Rachita…So much love in it!

My happiness all dressed in blue,

My heart could fill up with so much love, I never knew.

Funny noises, cosy cuddles and beaming laughter,

Turn my gloomiest days brighter.

Each day is bliss, pure joy,

When I have by my side my lil boy.

My happiness is growing up so fast…he always has a naughty mischievous glint to his eyes.. chattering and repeating everything we say. He is able to hold conversations based on logic..when were 2.5 yr olds so smart!!! ??

Simran and Sonya

Sonya is a little cutie and see what message she has written for her mom…

I will try my best in everyway
To be extra sweet on Mothers Day
But if you become upset with me
Please relax and have a cup of tea!

Ekta and Leisha

They are ONE TEAM!

Ekta says: I think one day is not enough to thank our moms. But nevertheless the entire year our mums run behind us and on Mothers day we get the opportunity to run behind her and get the reality check that our moms are the Real Super Heroes.

Saru and Avyan, Aavya

Awww, this photo can win any heart, isn’t it?

There is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood.
Happy Mother’s Day to All the lovely Mothers.

Kiranmayi and Akshaya, Anagha

We know Kiranmayi for a long time and she’s always readyt to be a part of everything fabulous. What a heartwarming pic!

Daughters are the best gift of life .Happy to be a super mom in their Heart.

Rupa and Jyothsna,Chira

Wow, we like such 3-generation pics…Happy smiles here…

On this Mother’s day, I would like to thank my Mother for loving, listening and showing us the right path all the time!! I would like to tell my kids that in thick and thin, sadness and happiness..always there for you for ever!!! Cant Imagine my life without you all!!!!!!???

Sonam and Anaisha

This pic is giving us a complete Princessy vibe…Lovely!

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. The woman existed, but the mother, never. Motherhood is near to divinity. And only I would say being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had. Happy Mother’s Day !!

Lakshmi Keerthi Priya, Maanya and Aaradhya

We love what she says about her girls – straight from the heart…

There are so many reasons why I love you my dolls!! You are my life’s blessing..I see so much of myself in you, especially when I was your age. I admire your innocent smiles, beautiful soul, sweet and loving expressions..Never forget that I will just be here for you every step of the way.

I will always love you, support you, help you, and encourage you. My love for you knows no end.
You deserve only the very best.

Lakshita and Kanak

Lakshita is someone who is always there for RainbowDiaries. Her daughter is multi-talented btw.

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