Cool off this Summer with InstaCuppa

As am writing this post, I am sweating! Yes, it’s that time of the year where hot Sun is shining bright and Summers are here. Summers can get very daunting especially when we don’t stay hydrated. It’s crucial that we drink healthy and keep our bodies refreshed. Recently, InstaCuppa came like a boon to cool off heat and it helps us to stay hydrated naturally.


InstaCuppa people bring to us:

  • Coffee Makers

  • Detox Bottles

  • Fruit Infusers

Their vision is to keep everyone drink healthy natural beverages anywhere. It has a backstory of their own personal health struggle caused by excessive consumption of sugar, soft drink and artificial flavored beverages . InstaCuppa strives for the highest quality products being made available to customers.


Thought what is Infusing anytime? Infusing is the process of extracting chemicals compound or flavor from plant material in water by allowing to remain overnight and this process is called steeping. Quite simple actually! Infusing extracts the delicious nutrients and rich vitamins in the bottle by allowing limitless combination of fresh fruits, teas & herbs. It gives flavor to your plain water & detox your body. It ultimately helps in weight loss.

For InstaCuppa fruit infuser bottle POLAR EDITION, we have tried some of the refreshing and nutritious recipes like:-

1. GREEN TEA + MINT + LIME – for fat burning , proper digestion & headaches
2. CUCUMBER + STRAWBERRY + KIWI – best for blood sugar support & digestion
3. CUCUMBER + LEMON + LIME – to keep the skin hydrated, to improve digestion
4. LIME + ORANGE + LEMON – increases the immune defense & reduces heart burn

InstaCuppa fruit bottle infuser & Polar edition are :-

♡ Highly Durable & Impact Resistant
♡Full length (1000ml) bottle with Infuse Rod
♡Leak proof
♡Custom Anti Sweat Sleeve
♡Convenient Carrying Handle
♡Food Grade Plastic
♡Easy To Clean (hand wash, top rack dishwasher)
♡ECO Friendly – 100 % BPA Free
♡100 % Satisfaction Guarantee



This is ideal for COFFEE + TEA + FRUITS. In this multi-purpose pitcher you can infuse everything from water to tea or coffee. The pitcher simplifies the process for making iced coffee and iced tea. The taste doesn’t dilute and temperatures are maintained as it as for longer time.


It’s a foam maker for coffee or any other beverages and it’s battery operated. It is operated with simple power button and provides a great service with a very low noise.

It can be used for both Hot & Cold milk. We have whipped up Coffee LATTE , Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate and Cold Coffee with it. Portable and very convenient to use!



This full length vacuum flask is used for Tea & Coffee. Brew tea & Coffee on the go with this sturdy infuser that is secures inside the bottle or pour your already steeped tea directly inside for hours of perfect temperature for Tea & Coffee . This vacuum flask is made with the toughest glass.

THERMO Infuse flask is energy saving, safe and easy to use.


With all these cool products, InstaCuppa is our favorite toy now a days to remain healthy. How about you?


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  1. The milk frother is super useful while making great coffee. I have been reading about fruit infusers a lot, have to check it out.

  2. This brand has been making a lot of good news in the market. Love the look of the products!

  3. The infuser bottle is really cool. I use frother all the time. Did know Instacuppa has it too.

  4. The fruit infusers look interesting. Would love to have it at home cos it’s so handy and convenient, plus the weather is just killing!

  5. omg I have been wanting to try this and bring it with me at the office. lol. it looks very convenient to use.

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