Prerna (Inspiration) Awards 2018 by Singapore Language Organisation

We all have mother-tongue but somehow tend to communicate mostly in English as this is the common language for written and verbal communication.

Connect with the mother tongue is crucial since there’s so much richness to it in terms of literature, history and of course, it’s the language of our forefathers. We have this responsibility to pass on the language heritage to our kids and that’s why initiatives like Prerna (Inspiration) awards by Singapore Language Organisation have to be supported.

I have been associated with Prerna Awards since 2016. The growth that this award ceremony has shown is very heartening. Singapore Language Organisation & Prerna Awards aims to create an international platform to connect the world with the rich indigenous languages & literature in an engaging manner with national & international level events & competitions.

What’s happening at Prerna Awards?

Storytelling competition in Hindi, Tamil, Bangla and Gujarati.

For Singapore participants only

Participate and partner in a nationwide campaign to revive our Folk Tales & Folk Art by simply filling in the registration form. For further information Click Here

Theme of Competition :
Folk Tales Retold in Modern Times

Age Groups :

• Child : 8-12

• Youth :13-17

• Adults : 18 & above

Dates to Remember :

• Submission ends : 19 Feb 2018(Extended)

• Finals and Awards Ceremony : 23 Feb – 25 Feb 2018

For more information

Visit Prerna Awards website:

Facebook page:

Contact: +65-98877117

Lets join hands to preserve, nurture and felicitate our languages.


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12 thoughts on “Prerna (Inspiration) Awards 2018 by Singapore Language Organisation”

  1. There are so many mental benefits raising children bilingual. I was lucky enough as a child to benefit from a similar scheme, so it’s good to see that more is done to help the new generations.

  2. What an amazing initiative to keep cultural traditions and language alive! I understand when a nation adopts another language for communicating, strange things happen to the original language, neologism, anglicism, even strange grammar transformations! The legacy of our culture is invaluable and it is very important to keep it alive and transmit it to our children! I say so as an Expat trying to teach my children my customs from origin in a western country, is very difficult! I would love to have some institutional support!

  3. I think this is an excellent event. My great grandmother spoke Cajun French. Sadly, it was a dying language that was passing with each of her generation that left. Languages need to be kept up.

  4. Evelyn Lo Foreman

    How wonderful to have such an award! Language also connects us with the culture of our bones, and the ancestery of where we are from. I think it is amazing that this award is available encouraging all to return to their mother tongue.

  5. What an amazing initiative and award function. Connecting with the mother tongue is so crucial in this time, if we lost the connect, a part of our inheritance and culture will be lost in near future otherwise.

  6. Very neat. I also think it’s important not to get lost in the overly-Americanized world of entertainment and English language, etc. Though my native language is English I try to place myself in different shoes and think, what would it be like if most of the world spoke a different language and I had to learn it and didn’t get to speak in my most comfortable, culture-based language. That would be very hard and it could be easy to lose a big part of who you are. Kudos to you for promoting things that help people stay connected to their roots. it is our differences and our cultures which help us enrich this world. Cheers to not all becoming the same!!

  7. Language is very fun to learn. I think this awards is awesome for promoting that. It’s important that the kids learn about their native tongue especially if they live in a different country.

  8. It’s nice to see initiatives like this, to revive a nation’s folk and culture and involve children in the same time. Mother tongue is indeed so much rich and full of meaning than English, which for many people is a second language.

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