Give me to Let’s Give

This is a materialistic world. Vitamin M is the factor that governs it. Be it a man or a woman, be it an adult or a kid, most of the times the attraction towards money is very strong. Worldly pleasures like designer homes and cars, jewellery and diamonds we want! Branded toys and clothes kids also want. Gadgets?! Let me not even get started on that. Not just iPads, Tablets, Play Stations; we must possess the latest models of these gadgets.

Nothing wrong in the desire to get the latest and the best. After all, we get to be a human only once and we must live life to the fullest. Fullest – yes but it shouldn’t be all about materialistic thoughts – which movie to watch, which restaurant to eat in, which bag to buy, which toy to get and so on.

It depends a lot (or probably fully) on parents on how to make kids think about “giving back”. The journey from “Give me” to “Let’s Give” can be quite exciting and rewarding for both parents and kids.

I as a parent I have picked up certain things that should encourage my kids to donate and do some kind of charity. Read on and do share your thoughts.

1. Don’t give overly importance to money talks at home

Constant discussion about money at home makes kids think that either the family is very poor or very rich. It also makes them form an opinion that Money is Everything! Imagine we devalue money by saying – Don’t care. It’s just 5$ OR we keep nagging – Common, you must not spend money anyhow. 5$ is a big amount for me. It’s my 2 meals etc etc.

While we inculcate good saving habits in kids, we should not be too stingy. While we love our family, we should not be extravagant. This balancing act is not at all easy but manageable if we really try.

2. See around you

Sometimes we become so full of ourselves that we stop seeing anything beyond me and mine. What’s in it for me? is the first question that we ask whenever someone asks a favor or even in normal day to day routine. We love to be competitive in every little thing – kids’ exam marks, promotion in the office, overseas vacations – we want the yummiest slice of the pizza!

When we open eyes and see around us, the reality hits you. Needy people who can’t even have basic necessities, elderly who are left alone by their children, people with emotional and physical traumas – this is sad but real. We sit in our bubble and refuse to see around us.

Parent in me always tries to teach my kids empathy. Kids must understand the feelings, needs and problems of the others. They must keep their hearts open for classmates, elderly and needy. Simple acts like giving up seat for people who deserve it more than us to donate a dollar to two to the blind musician in the corner of the station or buying a tissue paper from handicapped old auntie teach kids a lot. Just demonstrate 1-2 times and 3rd time onward, kids will start displaying this kindness on their own.

3. Expose them to community activities

We take kids to the most happening places – posh malls, incredible water parks, newest movies and delicious-most eateries. Yes, we should take them and keep them updated with the latest trends of lifestyle.

At the same time, do take them to voluntary activities like distributing food to less-privileged families, stray animal shelters, community health drives that teach how to help people who need medical help.

How about celebrating kids’ birthdays by distributing gifts to orphanage or old age homes? I have done that and intend to do it more.

4. Be a Regular

All the above points must have consistency. It’s not a one-time activity. The act of giving to the needy must be continuous and as a family, we should consciously contribute our bit to noble causes whenever and wherever possible. Seriously, amount of donation doesn’t matter. We should just start doing it.

How do you imbibe kindness in your kids? How do you teach them the importance of charity? Do share with me your tips and tricks.

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24 thoughts on “Give me to Let’s Give”

  1. I been reading this kind of told could really bring a lot of awareness to everyone. Nowadays not many people still remember all this.

  2. Yes! Loved this post, you raised some really great points and gave some really good advice. I think giving back is something every kid should experience, there is always someone less fortunate than yourself to help 🙂

  3. This is really great advice for parents. Although I don’t have children, this is a really valuable lesson to get involved with the community.

  4. These are all really important lessons to instill into children from a young age, I totally agree ? Teaching them the value of charity, giving and kindness is key to helping with their social development x

  5. This is a great article with some great information. I especially like the part about helping the community. Whenever I have to take public transportation and am going to areas where there are a lot of homeless people, I grab a couple singles before going out and hand them out to the homeless or I buy a bag of $1 burgers from McDonalds and hand those out. I have caught both of my kids doing the same thing. It is a good feeling knowing they are learning to be great human beings with compassion for those who have fallen on bad times.

  6. I agree there is a huge responsibility to parents to teach our children how to be kind and giving….I take my kids with me to volunteer at shelters with me monthly and also show my kids an example of sharing the blessings life has given us with others .

  7. I actually know a family who is very involved in the local community and created an example for her daughter. She often hosts dinner for the underprivileged families in the neighborhood and helps the local children who struggle to stay in school because of their families financial issues.

  8. This is always a hard subject. Each child is so unique and parenting styles are hard. It is always great to get a reminder and tips. Thanks.

  9. I remember back home, when we were kids it is impolite to ask our friends or neighbours questions about money, including the indirect questions like how many cars to they own, where to they shop, etc. Money subjects, is quite limited back then. We learned to discussed it directly and discreetly when we reach high school.

  10. my baby is still young to understand this kind of topic but when she grows I bet this will be very relevant to discuss. Good read.

  11. Great ideas here for the next generation! I agree with you that we need to be careful what influence and ideas we give children about money and finances, showing them those less fortunate and getting them to help with charities, donating no longer loved toys so other children have something to play with is also a good idea. They are so impressionable, it is great you are thinking in advance about how they will view the value of money!

  12. nausheen1shaikhgmailcom

    Very good post ….charity begins at home… & today’s generation should be encouraged !!

  13. I love this. My parents are both doctors so growing up, it was always about them teaching my sister and i the importance of helping others. It was their profession but they always ensured that we understood the importance of giving whether it be our time, talent or yes, funds to the less fortunate.

  14. Your write ups provide useful info as parent. In this post you have mentioned interesting term vitamin M that made me grin. This is indeed important to imbibe good humanitarian values in kids so that they are compassionate too while rejoicing in luxuries of life.

  15. This is important for people to recognize in general! Changing the attitude from “give me” to “lets give” is a shift some people don’t even see until later in life.

  16. There is no doubt that money is important especially when everything is so expensive these days. However, this is a good reminder that we shouldn’t allow money to rule our life.

  17. Love your tips on this! Really valuable! My kids are slowly grasping the important of greetings and saying Please and TQ. These pointers you’re shared here will be of great help in the near future when my boys starts talking ?

  18. Nice writeup about how to develop kindnesss in kids nowadays.I too take my kids for voluntary/charity activities so that they learn the value of things.

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