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I have a practical problem when it comes to skin care. I prefer something which is gentle, kind and yet effective. On the other hand, hubby keeps saying that is there anything that he can use for his skin like when he goes out for some sporty fun…And the tween girl who is going to enter teens soon. She has some skin irritation, little bit of acne popping up. So I was a bit in confusion to find something that will work for everyone’s skin and I don’t really have to buy separate products for each one of us – that’ll cost a bomb and more hassle for wifey and mom AKA me!!! Dermagold is working well for all of us thankfully and we all are using it for quite a few weeks already.

Oh, point to be noted here is that am a no-makeup person mainly because I don’t get time to even put on a lipstick and that’s why I prefer skincare that allows me to go bare face. Having said that, just like any other woman, I would like to look presentable and not totally like a zombie. How Dermagold fits into my daily routine and helps me to look decent, lemme share here in this post.

What is Dermagold?

Dermagold is an independent and homegrown skincare brand, made for the discerning user who is serious about simple, effective skincare that goes beyond passing trends and fads. Sounds like it’s made for mums like me! This brand combines science and nature to create skincare that’s simple and  joyous to follow on a daily basis – at every stage of life. Important for mums like me again because you can’t be looking the same old you and you need to always reinvent yourself.

Dermagold is proudly homegrown in Singapore and actively involves itself into lots of other activities for Singapore youth.

When I researched a bit about the brand and its products, got really impressed with their list of awards and mentions. You too take a look.

You need to know what is the brand, how it’s going to help skin and what others are saying about it. For Dermagold, great feedback I have read so far and nice experience of using it too.

Dermagold Beauty Routine


5 steps care that all can use in the family.

Dermagold Purifying Cleanser:

Cleanse and Repeat every day! Cleansing is a crucial step for everyone’s skin. For different skin types, there are differently formulated cleansers. Which one is good for you?


For more cleanser hacks, see this.


Dermagold Radiance Toner:

Okay, I must admit that I didn’t really use toners. For that matter, I used to think that what is the purpose of toner and is it necessary for Singapore weather? This article was an eye opener.

How Radiance Toner helps the skin?

  • It protects the skin from external impurities and other agents. So after cleansing, Toner becomes a necessary step.
  • Toner helps to tighten the skin and reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Radiance Toner also helps to balance the pH levels in your skin, creating a better environment for your skin to remain blemish-free and to control natural facial oils.
  • It’s formulated for dry skin and it helps to fortify your skin while ensuring that it retains the moisture.

I have agreed that a good toner will complement and enhance any skincare routine and have started using it already.


Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer:

Have you observed that your skin sometimes look very dull even if you apply lots of products? Mine surely looks sometimes and using Dermagold Brightening Revitalizer would be quite useful.

Brightening Revitalizer helps to:

  • Reduce Dead cells
  • Balance oil production of skin
  • With the calming ingredients retrieved from nature such as aloe vera, echinacea (coneflower), chamomile and cucumber, it soothes the skin and add moisture to your face.


Dermagold Skin Clear Peel:

Small pack, Big impact! That’s what I call this Skin Clear Peel. My girl tried it and her acne got vanished to a great extent. This Skin Clear Peel is clearly her favorite!


Check this tutorial video. It’s fun to watch.


Dermagold Sheer Sun Protector:

My hubby applies it to prevent tan and reduce sun burns – especially before going for a swim / jog. You can apply it on the face and body.  Sheer Sun Protector is a light lotion providing high spectrum sun protection. Gives a smooth velvety texture without sticky after feel. It is water- resistant.


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Where to find Dermagold?

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  1. Skincare for the whole family is really awesome. It reduces the hassle of getting different products for everyone in the household. Dermagold is really worth considering especially when it comes highly recommended by you.

  2. Skin care that are suitable for the whole family is so worth the invest! I would want to try out the Skin Clear Peel, the effect is so obvious and great!

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