Halloween Family Night Out @KidZania Singapore – Don’t miss!

Halloween brings fun – scary, spooky, creepy fun…My kids look forward to Halloween even if they are otherwise scaredy cats. After all, those ghosts and ghouls, jack-o-lantern and skeletons are essentially such a cute thrill. This year, we made our Halloween one big family bonding opportunity all thanks to Qiren presents Halloween Family Night Out @KidZania Singapore.

To celebrate Halloween, there are lots of events in Singapore. Some of them are really scary with all the makeup and getup that will scare even the real ghosts and obviously we cannot take kids for such events. So, I was looking for an event that lets Kids and parents enjoy and have the “H”awesome Halloween together as a family. Guess what, I found it! Halloween Family Night Out is for all of us.

1. It’s for the entire Family and lots of activities for kids

2. The venue is KidZania

3. It’s after dark so the Halloween mood is all set.

4. For kids, Halloween means Trick or Treat and candies.

5. There should be tickling spooky fun since it’s Halloween

My 5-points above pretty much summarize why I We loved Halloween Family Night Out.

How KidZania Singapore looks on the days of Halloween Family Night out?

Shh..tread carefully because “they” are watching you…


Get your registration done, collect your fun pack. By the way, the ticket includes Entry into Kidzania Singapore, Limited Edition Trick or Treat Popcorn Character Bucket, HalloweenFNO Cape and Magic Mummy’s Secret Treasure map – so many things right in one ticket?

My kids immediately wore the capes and were ready to collect the treats!


Every time kids enter KidZania, it’s always very difficult to control them – they are everywhere and they want to explore everything. During Halloween Family Night Out, KidZania looks quite different. Some of the plays get transformed to suit the Halloween flavor.

“H”awesome Halloween activities

I will call this as Hawesome Halloween because Halloween Family Night Out packs a lot for kids and families to enjoy together.

Halloween Family Night Out, RainbowDiaries, Singapore Blogger


We loved this Candy Forest. It’s like a maze and you have to find as many candies as you can. The forest looks quite decked up for the occasion with the bats hanging from the trees and all.


Look at the kids who can’t wait to go in…My girl was trying to give scary looks to us…Lol


Halloween Family Night Out showers kids with lot of candies. At every point you have someone who will treat you with candies.


Why am I not a child anymore???


Under the Sea or Into The Volcano

Halloween Family Night Out, RainbowDiaries, Singapore Blogger

Which child doesn’t like stories? Even parents would love to listen to these immersive stories.


Halloween Family Night Out offers these opportunities to kids. There are story-telling shows throughout the night and kids would get engrossed when the stories are on.


Knock knock who is there?

Halloween Family Night Out, RainbowDiaries, Singapore Blogger

Knock on spooky doors to Trick or Treat and Search for the buried treasures of Magic Mummy. Now these doors look really spooky and parents cannot accompany the kids. Boo! So much thrill to knock the door and get “greeted” by someone like below pic.


Bubble Shows

Another show that kids are sure-shot going to love! Bubbles is always the fun and this beautiful witch adds to it. See how kids are all gathered to catch those magic bubbles.


This is there too…

Halloween Makeup booths, Carnival Games, Drinks with tricky Halloween names and Magic shows – You’ll find all this in Halloween Family Night Out.



The overall impact of Halloween Family Night Out on my hubby and me…We also enjoyed like kids!


Good news is that Halloween Family Night Out is still going to be there for 3 more days – Coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Do visit with your kids and soak in that Halloween Family fun.

Remember these details:

Dates: 3, 4, 5 NOV 2017
Time: 7:00PM – 11:00PM
Tickets: $45 (ADULT / CHILD)

Book your tickets for Halloween full of family bonding HERE.

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38 thoughts on “Halloween Family Night Out @KidZania Singapore – Don’t miss!”

  1. I was half-expecting to see you dressed up too. Haha. I am sure the kids were having the time of their lives with all the candies. Be sure not to eat to much kiddos.

  2. nicoleflintkontrol


  3. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Looks like your family having a ton of fun there in kidzania. I love seeing how kids enjoying Halloween.

  4. Wow!! Am sure your kid had a great Halloween celebration 🙂 So cute & not scarry at all, very nice photos captured 🙂 I wish I can participate too 😀 Ha…Ha,…cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  5. Happy Halloween to your kids. It seems that they really enjoy their Halloween in kidzania. I really love seeing those children wearing their best costume too.

  6. I love Halloween, the spookiness and the dress up are all fun, I reckon those kids really had fun and I am so jealous now….lol

  7. Josselyn Radillo

    I’m sure your kids love it! It’s really cool to see how traditions are held in different countries and cultures. Here we are starting to celebrate it

  8. Wow. I had no idea that halloween was celebrated in Singapore. I love the decorations. Looks like a fun night.

  9. What an amazing venue and setup, just perfect for kids, I like that it is not too scary. Kids look very happy and enjoying the whole Halloween vibe.

  10. This looks like fun! I love spending holidays making family memories. My kids are young but they still enjoy the excitement during the holidays. We keep celebrations simple but still try to be creative.

  11. It’s cool to see how similar Halloween is in other countries. This is a really great idea for the whole family. You get a lot for one ticket! I like that they have immersive storytelling; that’s unique. Sounds like a great time for everyone.

  12. Its so much for the kids and of course mommy like me feel more happy to share candies with them too..haha.. neway kidzania always a good place to brings your family n have fun..

  13. i didnt know halloween now can be a family night out. hahah! it may give nightmares to my kids as they’re probably a tad too young. Sure looks like lots of fun though

  14. Oh this looks like so much fun for the little ones and fun that its something you can join into, epsecially as you get to see their reactions to all the different types of entertainments. I’m 28 but I still love bubbles, ha. It looks like you get to do alot for one ticket!

  15. Corinne and Kirsty

    It does look like there are a lot of events! So great! When I grew up, we didn’t have all of this. Maybe it is because France does not do halloween!

  16. Thank you for sharing this! It’s really cool to see how traditions are held in different countries and cultures, especially when they are for “holidays” that are celebrated in my own culture. I always find it fun to see how other people celebrate – not too differently from what we do here in canada 🙂

  17. LOL Shubhada, I’m totally with you on this one. I want to be a kid again too. It really looks like KidZania went all out to create a safe and not so spooky environment where kids can enjoy trick or treating without having nightmares for days afterwards. I wish there were more places like that

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