Happy tummy, Happy baby

As they say whether you eat or live or live to eat – whatever is the case, food is life! The moment we are born, we start to eat. Moms, don’t you agree that one of the prime responsibility that you have to fulfill is to ensure that kids are eating and they are eating right. After all, Happy Tummy is Happy Baby.

Are you one such mom whose kids face / faced Constipation, Gassiness and Diarrhoea? I certainly am!

I remember as a child, I had lot of issues with my tummy like indigestion and gave really tough time to my mum and grandma.

For my elder daughter, vomits and diarrhoea created lots of issues. My boy on the other hand had terrible constipation when he was a toddler and suffered from bloating, indigestion badly. Burping, wind and stomach pain had become a regular thing! Imagine at such a young age, I had to put him on medication to soften his stool. Can’t forget those days (and nights) when the poor baby used to cry restlessly. Thank God I changed his formula milk brand, added a few good food items in his diet and engaged him in active play.

Just the other day, one of the moms was asking some suggestions about how to ensure Happy Tummies for kids.

First of all, read this “Do you know” section. Certain points were definitely an eye-opener for me.

Do you know? 

  • Baby’s digestive system is still immature (small stomach, less digestive enzymes), so they cannot easily take in and break down over-processed foods.
  • Now this is something that I didn’t know. In fact I was thinking that food/milk should be hot. But how hot? Food are often processed with high heat and as a result, the natural structure of proteins gets damaged or destroyed.
    The same goes for milk formula. Once milk proteins are over heated, they may not be easily absorbed and may cause your child to suffer from protein indigestion and digestive discomfort.
  • To ensure the survival of live bacteria, boiled water should be cooled down to below  40°C (warm water) before preparing  milk formula.
  • OMG! I used to do it so wrongly…Milk shaken in a feeding bottle always produces bubbles, which disappear eventually. It’s best to swirl or lightly shake the bottle horizontally, not vertically. This reduces the production of air bubbles.
  • Another mistake that I have done – If your child is constipated, you should not dilute the milk  to ensure that he/she gets the maximum nutrients from it. It is better to feed your child extra water in between feeding times.

Let me write down my tips and tricks for happy tummy that leads to happy baby and of course happy mummy!

Each child is different and so is each tummy:

We all are same same but different. Same goes with the kids. They all have their own unique behaviour traits, their own appearance and their tummies too. We cannot apply “same size fit all” rule to all tummies.

Example: my daughter loves to eat moderately spicy food and she tolerates it well too but my Son can’t take it. Daughter is a cheese-lover but for boy, too much of it causes constipation.

As a mom, yes, it’s a bit of a hassle since I have to cook different variants of the same food but I need to…because each tummy is different and this mom has to keep them happy.

You know the best – what’s the best for your child:

Take my advice that don’t take all advice that people bombard on you. Some might say in case of indigestion or constipation, give Ginger to kids, some might say that give this particular medicine and so on.

Well, in my case, I try to make informed choices and wouldn’t follow any suggestion on its face value. Important right? What we give our kids to eat will impact their tummies and overall health. So tread cautiously, collect all information about the foods / medicines that kids are supposed to be taking and then go ahead.

Generally, as a mom I do believe this:

Happy Tummy, Friso, RainbowDiaries

Right food, Right Play:

One thing sure sure makes little tummies happy and happier is Right Food and Right Play.

It’s proven that too much of anything will cause some problem. Everyday drinking of canned / aerated drinks, eating of junk food is going to harm even adults then obviously for kids, it’s a strict no no in my home.

Happy Tummy, Friso, RainbowDiaries


Happy Tummy, Friso, RainbowDiaries

Again, when it comes to play, what do you prefer? For me, lesser the gadgets and more of other play – creative, messy, outdoor play is what my kids love. Kids have lots of energy and they need to consume it physically for better digestion.

Happy Tummy, Friso, RainbowDiaries

What formula milk is he / she drinking?

Strange but for my boy, his previous formula milk caused constipation issues. Really? Can Formula Milk cause constipation? Yeah, my experience says so.

Thank goodness, I switched to Friso and it’s helping him so much to ease out constipation and gassiness. Needless to say that it fulfills the requirement of necessary nutrients needed for the body.


Friso has LockNutri Process Technology™ which uses mild heat treatment during milk processing, preserving milk proteins so it can be readily absorbed by your child.

Friso has LockNutri Process Technology™ which uses mild heat treatment during milk processing, preserving milk proteins so it can be readily absorbed by your child.

Your kids facing the issues of indigestion, constipation and gassiness too? What are your tips n tricks to ensure happy tummy for your baby? Do share…

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35 thoughts on “Happy tummy, Happy baby”

  1. I don’t have children but I do believe that there is a reason why a baby is introduced very slowly and gradually to different types of foods. Their digestive system is really sensitive and they do need to get adjusted to food.

  2. i have learnt that if your kids dun like to eat tomatoes then we must know how to mix it till they like it. i did once cherry tomato inserted sweet plum and my house’s kids eat it!

    Frisco is also one of the good formula milk for them as well

  3. Baby’s tummy is really sensitive. What more those who are allergic to certain food. Thanks for sharing these tips for all mummies out there.

  4. This was very informative! It is so good that now we have the educational and knowledge that we do to know these things to better help with development of children.

  5. It’s true what you said about the formula, The doctor didn’t give me any warning on that when I was a first time mom. It was really hard for me to deal with. Luckily I was better repared the 2nd time around. But it didn’t seem to have a long term effect on them. I breastfeed my last 2 and they had no digestive issue.

  6. Children will occasionally suffer from this phenomenon. I do not have children but my niece is sometimes sick, loves those kids. Your article is very useful.

  7. Every kid is so different, and many have various sensitivities. This might have been great for me when dealing with my firstborn’s milk issues when he was a babe.

  8. Corinne and Kirsty

    This post is so informative. I literally had no idea about all of these. I don’t have kids yet so maybe that’s why. If my (future) kids do have such issues, I’ll know what to do

  9. I agree. It’s so hard when we an constipation. Especially for pregnant women. So its great that mothers pay good attention to our baby bump.

  10. I was lucky in that neither of my children had any digestive issues (other than that time I ate broccoli, then breastfed my daughter an hour later – THAT was a rough night). But I know many babies do and it’s important to know alternative options.

  11. My husband and I do noy have children yet but when we do we plan to pay close attention to nutrition. If they are like me I cant eat certain things without it upsetting my stomach.

  12. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    This is such a great parenting tips for me. I was pregnant to my first son and I am having trouble with my pregnancy and I hope it does not affect my baby.

  13. I so agree… it is so hard for adults when we have constipation and it is even worse when it is for our babies… therefore we have to make sure they have enough fibre in their diet

  14. This is something I have struggled with as a mom. My kids are picky eaters, but I won’t let them have junk food. As babies, all of them had issues with either breastfeeding or with formulas. My oldest is nearly nine and he still has trouble with his digestion.

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