Even-better skin with non-invasive RevLite and Fotona

I just salute the technology. It makes possible almost every dream of mankind and of course, of womankind too! What nature doesn’t bless us with for example: sharp nose, peaches-n-cream skin, better body – is achievable almost instantly / in a few sessions.

Laser treatment is one such way to beautify your skin faster and in a safe way with the cutting edge technology. I am a mom and I like to maintain and improve my skin.

Who doesn’t want by the way? Laser treatments are a bit of a taboo for many women still and there is some fear in their minds to try out laser treatment. Even I had but after going through it a couple of times, I can definitely recommend it to you all! My recent experience at WeCoMed cemented my opinion about Laser Treatment as the safest, quickest and very effective way to an even-better skin ?

Read on to find out more about RevLite and Fotona Laser treatments that I recently tried at WeCoMed.

Before Treatment:

I liked the location of WeCoMed. In a quaint place like Bukit Timah Plaza, it gives a cozy feel. When I entered the clinic, the staff greeted me warmly. I filled up an information form and then came this refreshing tea!

There is a cute little waiting room to chill in-between treatments…

Before my treatment started, Medical Director analyzed my skin, talked to me at length and explained me the whole procedure. I had a few doubts and I was apprehensive about a few things based on my past skin care (mis)adventures. Doc noted down these points and customized the session for me. Very confident and humble lady.

Photo Session time! This machine takes your face photos from different angles and analyzes the skin in detail.

Meet the pre-treatment room. Consultant double-cleansed my face and I was on for the actual treatment.

What to expect during treatment:

I have seen many of my friends shying away from laser due to prejudices like laser could burn the skin, it is harmful, it is painful and so on. Sorry to burst all your biases! It is very safe, proven effective and technology-based treatment.

Laser Room at WeCoMed is comfortable, well-lit. Did you see the Miracle Machine?

By the way, Laser Treatment is neither painful nor causes burns or whatever.

1. You can expect minor tingling sensation or snapping of thin rubber bands kind of feeling.

2. There are 2-3 types of Laser machines that will be used in combination to target the problem areas like freckles, pigmentation spots, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles etc. So you would feel the pointed sensation when the Laser machine targets spots OR you would feel warmth on the larger areas of skin when the Laser is targeting pores and overall skin issues.

Meet this hi-tech Fotona machine.

3. Your eyes are covered and you should point out to the Doctor if there are any piercings on the nose etc.

4. Enjoy the treatment and let your Doctor know if any kind of discomfort is experienced in rare event. Doctors are certified, well-qualified and experienced so they always ensure that you are comfortable at every point in time.

5. It’s really like a breeze. Typically, it doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes for the entire session.
This is how my face looked like immediately after the Fotona. Smoother skin surface and minimized pores.

6. There will be cleansing, double-cleansing to prepare the skin before laser.

7. After laser is done, there would be additional care like collagen ampules mask, hydrating mask etc.
Me looking like an Alien!!! LOL photo but it’s actually a very soothing, hydrating mask that was put on for 20 mins. I took this photo and I guessed I took one power nap.

What to expect immediately after treatment:

1. Instantly softer and smoother skin.

2. Slight blushing / flushing effect on the skin. Some might not experience this at all.

3. Clearer skin

4. Brighter skin. I look fairer post-laser

5. Pigmentation spots look lighter

6. Minimised pores

7. Firmer skin. I experienced lifted cheeks area after laser.

Do note that the effect would also depend on how damaged is your skin before laser. My skin is overall not too bad so the laser worked very well for me and the skin definitely looked much better.

What to expect a few hours/days Post-Laser:

1. Slight redness which should vanish on the same day in an hour or so. Some might experience for a few days.

2. Drier skin post-laser is possible so Ensure you keep it well-moisturised and hydrated. WeCoMed would give you excellent post-care hydration masks to apply. It not only has lingering fragrance but also keeps the skin supple.

3. Don’t indulge in too much sun play like tanning etc. Do use sun block / umbrella to take care of and maintain your post-laser skin.

4. Skin starts looking even-better after 2-3 days. Glowing, softer and firmer skin can be experienced. Take care of it to prolong the Laser-effect.

5. Consult your doctor and check how many sessions are needed to ensure that your skin gets rid of unwanted spots, freckles, fine lines etc.

Doctors at WeCoMed:

I felt very assured when I had a chat with Dr. Lam and Dr. Chia. Both of them elaborately explained the process and what to expect very clearly. They immediately put me at ease and ensured that I didn’t have slightest of the doubt about the treatment.

Friendly, polite, very confident – just the way doctors should be!

The clinic was quite busy and I spotted local celeb also. WeCoMed indeed looks like a popular choice of people from all walks of life. Afterall, we all want to look beautiful, feel beautiful!

More Info:

Website | Skin Services | Contact | Facebook

My recommendation for you is DO TRY! Give Laser Treatment @ WeCoMed a shot to make your skin beautiful quickly and effectively.


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  1. I have never tried anything like this before, but it looks like it’s done wonders for your skin! Maybe I should look into options available near my house, as my skin could do with a bit of TLC x

  2. It sounds like you had a really positive experience, and your skin looks really radiant! I love that this treatment is non-evasive and the atmosphere looks very relaxing too.

  3. I hadn’t considered laser treatment for my skin. Thank you for the informative post. It is certainly something to consider.

  4. 50shadesofsahara

    It makes me cringe thinking about lasers and my face in the same sentence. I’m wondering now that its been almost a year since having it done if you still feel the same way about the procedure? Would you do it again?

  5. I think you have great skin. Although these procedures are very effective, I have never got them done out of fear. I am glad that you had amazing results with this treatment.

  6. You look absolutely beautiful! I have wondered about this treatment so I really appreciate how thoroughly you explain the process to us….

  7. Looking beautiful! Definitely going to share this post with some potential clients of mine that are worried about going through with this treatment.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful discovery, and a session to enjoy some alone time! Stepping out of it with glowing skin is in instant bonus for mums!

    Have a great day!

  9. I have never been to such treatments before so not sure how it feels. 🙂 But you look great! (actually your skin always look good)


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