Legoland Malaysia in Christmas holidays – Mum’s Guide to the Brick-Tacular Celebrations

My family is a fan of LEGOLAND Malaysia for 3 simple reasons:

  • It’s so near from Singapore. Hop, Skip n Jump. You land in LEGOLAND
  • There’s something for all in the family – Rides, Water Park, free play and shopping of Lego toys
  • The LEGOLAND hotel offers one of the best staycay options. Play and chill at the same time.

What’s new this time then? Christmas of course…LEGOLAND looked spooky-licious during Halloween. Remember we shared with you the fun?

This time, there were 2-3 more reasons to visit LEGOLAND. Just a gap of 1-2 months from our last visit and this time, LEGOLAND again looked refreshingly different. Read on my experience and plan your itinerary.

Go by Coach OR Drive, but reach as early as you can

This time we drove to LEGOLAND unlike last time when we took a WTS coach. Driving made it more flexible as we can go whenever we want and leave whenever we want. Note that this post talks about a day trip. So go as early as you can and reach LEGOLAND when it opens. Ensure kids are well-fed but not over-fed! Same goes for adults.

Collect your tickets etc. from the ticketing counters.

Read FAQ section of Legoland website before you arrive.

Free n Easy fun around the park, fun photos and all…Get acquainted to the place



Messy hair, don’t care…Just appreciate the beautiful sledge and reindeer of Santa. Lego never fails to amuse you. BTW, We all color-co-ordinated Red  to match the Santa.


LEGOLAND is decked up in Christmas festive deco so that’s another reason to visit this place.

Try some rides and get excited to try more.

I personally love this Aquazone® Wave Racers ride. Surf through the waves and onlookers can trigger the water bombs. Very fun! The climate was quite sunny so drenching in the water was welcome.


For those who want more adventure, Project X is a must-try. An awesome roller-coaster for that adrenaline rush…Racy, crazy and 18 metres high, get the ride of your life on Project X, It has a steep switchback track.



Daughter and hubby tried and screamed. Lol. Please note this slide is for elder kids and adults.
So when elder kid is busy, what does the younger ones do? Of course, there is driving school which never never fails to wow them!


and….of course, there is Duplo Playtown for younger cuties.

Makan time…Little (and big) tummies get hungry very fast after all the play so enjoy your food in any of LEGOLAND’s restaurants


Time to try Newest Attraction at The Resort: LEGO® NINJAGO™ The Ride

Christmas is almost here, school holidays are on and wander-hungry kids always need to be on the go…So Go Ninja Go!!! Launched just this November, LEGO® NINJAGO™ The Ride is the first of its kind in Asia and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort’s latest hi-tech attraction. Don’t miss out the fully immersive 4D dark-ride inspired by the highly popular LEGO® line of NINJAGO™ toys and TV series, as the ride allows guests to become their favourite characters and defeat the Great Devourer! What’s more, the ground-breaking hand gesture technology by Triotech, defines the experience by letting guests throw virtual projectiles with mere hands. LEGO® NINJAGO™ The Ride provides an immersive experience like no other for everyone in the family.


Should I feel ashamed to score the lowest among all four of us OR feel proud that kids scored more than me in Ninjago ride??!!


Should-not-be-missed Land of Adventure especially Dino Island

Whenever I go to LEGOLAND, I can’t help but try Dino Island. I am a scaredy cat and generally run away from anything that looks scary. Somehow this ride is thrilling but still inviting. May be the water and the rollercoaster combo is too tempting…Don’t forget to try this!!!



Squeeze some time and catch these shows full of colors, visuals, multi-sensory and Lego characters – Captivating!


Since it’s Christmas, get ready for some pleasant surprises at the end of the Spellbreaker 4D movie…


How can you not shop??!!

LEGOLAND has so many varieties of Lego bricks and other toys. Pamper your kids and shower them with Lego love. ♥


Get Ready for Brick-tacular Christmas Celebrations…

LEGOLAND is looking very beautiful in Christmas. During evening, it looks heavenly. Time to immerse in the true spirit of the season!
This Lego Christmas tree is Asia’s tallest. OMG!


We had gone to attend the media event where LEGOLAND inaugurated its upgraded KL cluster. It really makes your jaws drop. Amazing work by local artists.




Christmas Advent Calendar was also launched. Loads of prizes to be won this entire month.


Yay!!! SNOW village…


Santa, Santarinas, the Tin Soldier all will be present this entire month and there would be fun stage shows too. Want to see the glimpse of what happens during Brick-tacular celebration of Christmas in LEGOLAND Malaysia?? Watch this video…Spot our boy dancing happily in the video at 1:50min

I have also added detailed schedule of activities for you my dear readers…Seriously, loads of things to do there!!!

Activity Description Time Location
Costume Characters Take pictures with Santa Clause and the Tin Soldier as they welcome guests to LEGOLAND®’s Brick-Tacular Celebration. During Park Hours City Area
Brick-Tacular Building Activity Guests can build their own Christmas figure led by Santa’s little helpers, the Elves, as part of the LEGO® experience. Guests can also decorate a base plate wall with creative LEGO® Christmas ornaments. 11.00am-5.00pm


City Stage Holding Area
Brick-Tacular Santa Sleigh Parade Catch Santa driving his sleigh accompanied by his trusty elven helpers. The Sleigh Parade moves through the park, giving away holiday candies and treats. Guests are welcome to take pictures with Santa and his sleigh full of helpers.  

1.45pm-2.15pm 6.45pm-7.15pm



Around the park

Brick-Tacular 2016 Christmas Show A Christmas Carl follows grumpy teacher Mr. Carl who’s an absolute Grinch. Catch the show that’s both interactive and entertaining. 11.45am-12.15pm



Festive Stage


Brick-Tacular Street Performers A Tin soldier, an elf and a gingerbread man will be entertaining guests with 30-minute long performances, 4 times a day. 4 times a day


City Area
Brick-Tacular  LEGOLAND® Express Trail & Seek Get onboard the LEGOLAND® Express in a Christmas adventure to seek and find Rudolph and his friends along the track. Answer questions to receive the magic from Rudolph’s red nose to light up the Christmas Tree. Whole day Duplo Express
Brick-Tacular Snow Village Guests can experience the Christmas magic in Snow Village with Santa, his Elves, snow and the Christmas Tree completing the LEGOLAND® Christmas Celebrations.

*Special snow effects – 4 times a day

Open during park hours Snow Village
Brick-Tacular Christmas Caroling & Band LEGOLAND®’s Christmas Band will be on stage in and around Snow Village. Our Christmas Carolers will carol for guests to enjoy. 12.30pm-1.00pm
(carols & band)1.45pm-2.15pm(carols)4.30pm-5.00pm(carols & band)6.15pm-6.45pm(band)6.45pm-7.15pm(carols)
Around the park
Brick-Tacular Tree Lighting Ceremony Witness Asia’s tallest LEGO® DUPLO® Christmas tree being lit up. With a total of 3,440 hours build time, the tree stands at 9 metres tall.


7.00pm Snow Village
Brick-Tacular 2016 Advent Calendar A special gift behind every window, winners will be announced every evening to enjoy gifts specially sponsored by LEGOLAND® partners this season of giving. Santa will make the 10 ticket draws everyday himself.

Some of the interesting gifts hiding behind these windows are:

·         A set of flight tickets for a family of four (4) to Chiang Mai

·         Various series of attractive  LEGO® sets including  LEGO® Star Wars, NINJAGO™ and Christmas series

·         Various hotel stay packages for families




LEGO® City
New Year’s Eve 3D Musical Firework Equipped with special glasses for viewing, guests can catch the Musical Fireworks display illuminating the sky that provides a great ending to an amazing year. 7.45pm
31st December only
Theme Park


Do let me know once you go there and what fun you had with kiddos!!!


More Info:

Visit LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort’s official website and stay connected with the resort via social handles (Facebook & Twitter) to find out more on online Brick-Tacular activities and promotions.



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