How I found Yummy Churros with

I am in love with churros. Have eaten them only one time in an event and the taste is still lingering on my tongue.

Where can I go and have it again? Where to find the most tasty, crispy-and-soft-at-the-same time churros?? also, it should be available right in Singapore…I was searching for churro choices all over the Internet and Gotcha!!!

Which is this site? Something new? But nice!…loads of info and pleasant look n feel...Yes, you probably have guessed it correct! It’s ““. This site is the newest sensation as far Singapore food is concerned. Frankly speaking, I didn’t believe that this site is relatively new – one year old baby to be precise because it has loads of contents – and most importantly relevant contents.


I am a bit particular about what kind of food sites I browse. I do not like to visit the sites that are not to the point and are utterly superficial.

According to me any good food site should contain –

1. Comprehensive listing of food choices available in Singapore.

2. Listing should consist choices for all – daily lunch / dinner options to cafe hopping to fine dining and so on.

3. Genuine reviews – not overly appreciating and not overly bashing.

4. Latest happenings in the world of food. The site should cover not just food trends in Singapore but food trends world over.

5. The info must be fresh just like a food and should be spicy, sizzling and juicy to maintain reader’s interest.

6. Yes, the site should also showcase latest offerings and promos by different food places to save readers’ $$$ and to give them the best taste + best cost.


Coming back to my experience of website, I am glad to say that indeed it is my kind of site. Why do I say so?

  • I liked its name – Eatbook – simple, short and easy to remember. Just like notebook, Eatbook. Conveys The Central theme aptly.

  • I liked the collection of articles it has. Example, if you stay in Ang Mo Kio, do try this list of best food places in AMK as featured on Eatbook. OR wanna take your sweet and sweet-loving spouse for a sweet date but low on budget? Then try this place for very affordable yet soulful desserts.

  • Eatbook features some latest news for us. Did you know that there is going to be Japan food town in Wisma Atria opening in July? I got to know about it while browsing Eatbook. OR Michelin guide coming to SG soon? Wow, this site surely gives some insider information that every foodie will love.

  • I am always in awe of this profession of Chef. I means churning out sumptuous dishes appealing to all is a feat in itself. I could get to read some inspiring interviews of Chefs on Eatbook.

  • One thing I quite liked is the “Code of Ethics” of Eatbook. The site in clear terms specify its policy for advertorials, sponsored posts and how Eatbook ensures that food reviews are always genuine.

  • On the technical front, I found this site easy to load, has clear navigation and awesome pics that will make you drool. I browsed it using my phone, iPad and laptop and the user interface was seamless.

  • Oh yes, how can I forget to tell you that Eatbook is a sister site of our very own, very popular TSL – The Smart Local which itself is a must-visit site!

By the way, did I manage to satisfy my craving for Churros? Not one, not two, there are12 Churros In Singapore That’ll Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth. So I can visit one place a month and whole year’s supply of Churros is guaranteed! 

This all started with my search for the best Churros and am so happy that the search led me to this worth-visiting-on-regular-basis site – EATBOOK!!!


PS: This is a sponsored post. All the words, opinions, views, experiences are solely mine.

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  1. It’s a good site to have all the necessary information you need on where to to eat the food you like. I love churros, too! I hope that eventually there’s an Eatbook for every city in Asia and in the world. 🙂

  2. I love churros as well, they are delightful and addicting! I’m glad you were able to locate the perfect place to get churros in. This site is perfect for people who loves trying out new restaurants. It’s an awesome guide!

  3. Wow, churros for every month of the year lol! That sounds like something I can get behind. I love churros too! Some of the other flavors I’ve had include red velvet and Oreo.

  4. I think this is a pretty new site right? I know food sites are really popular in Singapore because most people in Singapore are foodies and love searching for good food!

  5. Always good to have a website all about restaurants for ease in choosing for various cuisine or, as in your example, specific food items, like churros. I just hope if there are reviews, they should be honest or at least credible, not paid comments.

  6. I love churros, too! 🙂 Anyway, I agree having the right website to look at stuff is so helpful. I always look at reviews because I like to explore new things but dislike wasting money on lousy food, customer service or poor restaurant ambience.

  7. I wonder if there’s someone on the other end who moderates the content so it will not contain trashy posts for people and users to read. This is a good way to find the best foodie destinations in Singapore.

  8. I browse on the apps and I like the offer that given by Eatbook. Will suggest to my friend.

  9. these kind of sites are popping up everywhere, but they are super helpful when we really want to find that one type of food with great reviews

  10. love the code of ethics and professionalism, some of the important values that have been forgotten by many. thanks for sharing such a great book!

  11. Another great website to make our food trip easier and more convenient =D Hope can read some really nice and genuine reviews from!

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