On occasion of Father’s Day: Open Letter to the father of my kids

You might say that just because it’s Father’s Day, you are writing such a letter of appreciation for me. Otherwise, all other days are Mother’s Days i.e. My days! Ha ha, true in a way and I agree with you that we all most of the times talk, write about and recognize mothers and their contribution in shaping up little lives. Fathers don’t get their dues as much as they should…So here is a letter to you, my dear to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful Dad.


Where should I start? I still remember those days when our third grade pre-term girl was just born – before 3 months of the expected delivery date!! That extremely stressful period of NICU stay would have broken down anyone but you maintained your cool or rather showed strong side of yours always to me. You told me that “her birth weight might be 1/4 of the full-term baby but she is active. She looks very tiny but she will be alright soon”…Without you, I would have gone insane that time! Actually, when she was born, I saw a doting Father being born as well…

In the case of our younger one, I witnessed a more “motherly” you!! Yes, I won’t use the word “fatherly” because I believe that fathers also have “motherly feelings towards their kids”. Love is same after all. You massaged him, sang lullabies to him and got panicked [you still get panicky] when he got slightest of the wound / insect bite or fever. I too get freaked out when kids fall sick but it was a bit funny to see you do the same thing.

You play with them – not the usual play play but innovative play. Making craft projects together or running a small version of treasure hunt or DIY toys n robots that you try to make for them…very Creative! I admit that I lack this creativity 🙁

You love to take them outdoors – biking, Swimming or any other adventures that you all can do together! You three is one awesome Team and I play a mere assistant. LOL!

One thing that makes me jealous is when the boy says that “Amma, your stories are bad! I want Appa only to tell me stories” Sigh…

Oh, love you when you refuse to stress the girl with rigorous study regimen and to be a part of the cut-throat competition. Your principle – let her learn and master the concepts first…marks, grades and all will follow anyways!

Okay! It’s not that you are always the same Lovey-Dovey Dad. You mince no words when it comes to giving them a piece of your mind – for nonsense acts they commit eg. Bullying and getting bullied, getting into physical fights with each other, not respecting elders sometimes…Ha ha, do you know that we call you “Tai Lung – the infamous villain of Kung Fu Panda 1” sometimes behind your back? But yes, 97.52% of the times, you make sense and talk sense and we totally appreciate you for that.

Be the same Dad always!! As my hubby, I learnt so much from you which I wrote in our Proposal Story…as a parent too there are loads of things to learn from you…On this Father’s Day, kids and me thank you so much for all the love you have given us. God bless…

RainbowDiaries wishes Happy Father’s Day to all amazing Dads! 🙂 🙂



PS: Kids got featured in this straight-from-the-heart video created by #SGParentBloggers. Location courtsey: Resorts World Sentosa. Perfect Gift for Dad on Father’s Day!

46 thoughts on “On occasion of Father’s Day: Open Letter to the father of my kids”

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  2. Aww… that’s a sweet post to dedicate to your hubby! I hope he sees this and he likes what you wrote, because it’s an open love declaration!

  3. Happy father’s day to your husband. He is very lucky to have a wife who can express his virtues in these very meaningful words. I wonder how my wife will write about me if ever she gets the urge? 🙂

  4. I guess Dads are more natural best friends for kids compared to mom. I guess they just connect better as most moms have a lot of responsibilities.

  5. Happy Father’s Day to your husband! I hope you guys had a great time celebrating it. It’s good to recognize them for the sacrifices they’ve made and the love that they have given the family. It’s very touching!

  6. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby. He really make his role as a father to your children and as a good husband to you – very responsible.

  7. Whether it’s called motherly or fatherly, loving children is a great feeling to have. Showing concern and care as parents is a gift also. Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. 🙂

  8. That’s really sweet, well i know my child will never get to experience growing up with a father but it’s nice to see other kids out there with a complete family.

  9. Daddy is such an important figure who often gets less limelight as compared to mummy. He’s our superhero who help with the Creative work and the nitty gritty in our family too – high 5! 😉

  10. Awww, this is so sweet. Happy Father’s Day to your hubby. Fathers makes lives of mommies better. We need great partners to parent our kids.. Tough job but I love it… My hubby loves it too…

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  12. Awww, this is a touching letter to your husband and I’m sure he’ll appreciate this. It’s wonderful to see dads become “motherly” to kids. They are such special moments to children.

  13. Being a father of the family of four made me realized the responsibilities and obligations to render them with love. Caring them will always be my top priorities in life. Happy father’s day to all!

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  15. You’re right – Fathers do have a “motherly” side! That’s what I see in my husband, too! God bless your husband! He sounds like an awesome person! =)

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  17. Though my father is not by my side, just need to wish all the daddys in the world Happy Father’s Day. Really such lovely family picture you share. 🙂

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