Are you sure your snacks are “Made Real”ly healthy and wholesome?

Just like many of us, am a mom, a working woman and have to do a lot of running around, multi-tasking that leaves me drained at the end of the long day…Left with no energy, still have to do loads of work and the cycle continues. We all have busy lifestyles and tend to ignore our precious bodies many a times. On top of it, we don’t get time for exercise or don’t even pay attention to our diet.

Result? at least for me, I end up eating non-healthy food at least twice-thrice a week. Actually, I do cook at home and ensure that we all have home-cooked lunches and dinners on all weekdays. But how about those in-between snacks? Especially afternoon around 4-5 PM when I start feeling famished, I eat junk stuff like curry puff, biscuits, super-sweet drinks or any crap that is just not right to eat.

and sometimes when I burn midnight oil for work then I end up eating midnight snacks which are different types of murukku, chocolates and so on. This makes me look so bloated sometimes! 

On top of it, I “never get time” for exercise except for going for short walks. So all the unhealthy snacking, late nights, practically no exercise has added at least 4-5 KGs to my weight!! 🙁

But that doesn’t mean, I believe in taking shortcuts like take some slimming pills, go on crash diets and do back-breaking exercise!

So, What I am trying to do about better health and weight?

  1. Try to have an adequate sleep of 6-8 hours every night.
  2. Drink loads of H2O.
  3. Exercise for 30 minutes twice-thrice a week. If not possible to do high-impact exercise, at least will walk and walk.
  4. Eat sensibly through out the day. Especially the afternoon and sometimes midnight snacking has to be made healthy!

Exactly at this point, I am going to introduce “Made Real”

I got to know about Made Real in one of the events when I met Roslyn – very young and very clear about what is the exact objective of Made Real and how it will make a difference to our unbalanced, anxiety-ridden lifestyles.

Made Real is a subscription lifestyle service that keeps you healthy and happy, one better snack at a time. Made Real curates the best of the ingredients from local independent producers and delivers them in terms of healthy snack boxes at your doorstep.

Look at the 3 steps of this system –


You have a choice of getting the box for yourself or for corporates, there is a team box option too.

The boxes are curated based on your nutritional needs. The snacks inside the box are healthy, tasty and packed with wholesome goodness that your body needs for that mid-day energy boost.

The boxes are customized after taking into account your lifestyle, eating habits and exercise intensity. I took a 2-minute survey and Made Real curated the customized snack box for me.

What’s in my Made Real box?

IMG_0835 (1)

A set of 6 healthy snacks with attractive names. It is good for the customer to see the ingredients in detail and how they can benefit you.


Here is a closer look at what I got! This looks like a great combo of dry fruits, nuts, whole grains and so on…


Lets unpack, taste and review each one of them.

Zesty Lemon Granola

This one is a famous San Fran Granola. I liked its roasted, textured crunch! There are clusters of oats, flax seeds and almonds. Towards the end, it gets a bit bitter because of the lemon rind. I found that lemon bitterness was actually welcome.



My picky-eater daughter who refuses to eat almonds and all, tried Zesty Lemon Granola for a change. I found her munching on the clusters quite nicely! We could have added to a bowl of milk but we just ate it like that.


Fruit Cake

I love fruit cakes! The chunks of fruits in the cake taste heavenly. Made Real brings you the flour-less version of the same. This is especially suitable for people who are trying to not pack on additional weight while being able to enjoy such a delicious treat.

It is low in GI – it does not spike your glucose level as much when it is being consumed.


Chunky Monkey

This one is my personal favorite! In fact, I shared it with my hubby and he loved it too. The fun duo of Banana and Walnut bring the good source of potassium and anti-inflammatory properties. Walnuts have also produced a good track record for support of weight loss and for prevention of obesity.


Chunky Monkey will be kids favorite too. It contains Banana Chips and Natural USA Walnut.



Caveman’s Gold

This is nothing but apricots. I agree with the name – Caveman’s “Gold”. These apricots will win you over with its beautiful golden color. They are juicy and sweet just as they should be.


Apricots are good for your eyes! Rich in carotenoids, they may help protect eyesight from aging-related damage. Apricots are a good source of dietary fibre and should be helpful for most people in supporting digestive health. Soluble fibre provided by apricots is one type of fibre that can help to control blood cholesterol levels.


Hazelnut Cacao Energy Pearls

Bye bye chocolates, welcome Hazelnut Cacao Energy Pearls. It’s a delish mix of dates, almonds, cashews and other organic contents. Though it tastes awesome, I would have preferred a bit sweeter taste to beat the addiction to chocolates completely – probably a dash of honey would have done the trick.


Energy pearls are a delicious snack with a natural energy boost to get you through your day. Full of healthy fats & protein to keep you satisfied, as well as low sugar levels so you can enjoy them anytime.


Rock Salt Rosemary Nut Mix

This became my companion while working on the laptop. Baked to perfection by The Whole Kitchen, it consists of all your favorite nuts – cashews, walnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts. The surprise comes in the form of fresh Rosemary and Rosemary infused olive oil.

Nuts are crunchy and rosemary tastes the best. Towards the end of the pack, it gets a bit salty so don’t forget to shake well so that rosemary, rock salt all mixes properly with the nuts.






My two cents to Made Real as a customer

  • First of all, big round of applause for bringing in the concept of healthy snack box here.
  • The choice of ingredients is great and it provides the wholesome nutrition. Fruits, Veggies, Nuts, Grains, Herbs and more is needed for everyone’s body.
  • Overall packaging looks great – Made Real gives due credit to original manufacturers and the details are mentioned clearly on each package. As a customer, I would find it very honest thing to do for any company.
  • When I checked the marketplace on Made Real’s website, I found that cost is not all that high which is a great thing!
  • What more can be done –
    • Made Real can come up with same-size packaging for all snacks in the box. It would be easier for the customers to pick and eat one pack at a time. Eg. Zesty Lemon Granola was enough for 2 times to eat but there was no provision to close the pack once it is opened so had to finish all at once.
    • Some packs like Rock Salt Rosemary Nut Mix come with a recloseable zip bag. Probably, all packs should come with some arrangement like this.
    • How about curating special box for kids? Many kids are reluctant to eat nuts, fruits so parents would be highly delighted if Made Real comes up with some snacks that kids would love and still get all the necessary nutrients.
    • Similarly, special boxes for elderly, other sensitive groups can be curated.

It’s a definitely taste-meets-health and value-for-money snack box and I thank Made Real to introduce it here. 🙂 🙂 Looking forward to many more innovations from Made Real.

Visit their website for more details. Link is found in many places in the post! Happy snacking, Happy Health!!




Note: I received the Customized Snack Box from Made Real for review purposes. No monetary benefit / compensation is involved. To know more about RainbowDiaries’ bouquet of work, click here







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  2. Indeed, there are many sugar, salt and fats hidden behind many tasty snacks which people don’t know. Good to have such a service providing healthy snacks and unhidden information!

  3. good for you! need some healthy snacks. I realize living in malaysia, everywhere you look, at every corner is unhealthy food and snacks.

  4. hey I’m also subscribed to a similar service like this in Malaysia, it’s so convenient and great to know my snacks are safe and real

  5. Made real provide a healthy snack especially nuts. Nuts can provide nature fiber and nutrient. Beside eat healthy, we have to maintain a good lifestyle too. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. I love nuts too. the Rock Salt Rosemary Nut Mix definitely looks delicious! will try them out, they ship to everywhere, right?

  7. I totally amazed with those healthy snacks as I’m thinking and getting idea to eat healthy most of the time. Thanks for giving me this healthy sweet ideas ^.^

  8. I love all these healthy snack! It keep us stay healthy and keep us away from unhealthy snack life XD I always wanted to got those kind of snacks since I am quite a snack lover!

  9. we have a box similar to this but its easy to eat it in one sitting. i love these type of snacks

  10. Those healthy snacks look yummy. I love dried fruits, grains and root crops. I try to lessen my food intake during meals. They say eat less but frequent. Now that it’s hot season in our country, it is a must to drink lots of water.

  11. Wow! This is awesome. I watch my meals very closely and make sure that what I put into my body is of quality and that my body actually needs the nutrients. I do really well for breakfast, lunch and dinner but the most annoying part is snack time. I always get hungry in the afternoon especially if I had coffee and my metabolism doubles its speed.

    This sure is awesome. Looks tasty and I like that the portions are controlled. Definitely great for children as well.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Seems like a great box but there was only 1 thing in there that I would have been able to eat. I’m not a fan of boxes for that very reason.

  13. I will love receiving this pack of healthy snacks myself. I really like dried apricots. I like nuts. I like granola bars. I hope there is something like this where I live.

  14. I am on a gourmet meal service that is based on calories for the day. This snacks would really be healthy as you would be fully aware of the nutrients you are taking.

  15. These snacks look so healthy. We have such companies here who make meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner for you and deliver them to you the night before. Sadly, they do not list all the ingredients in the food and they do not male snacks. Kudos to made real for getting it right!

  16. These snacks look so good! I agree with you about a lot of snacks out there which claim to be healthy but we do not really know what other preservatives of chemicals are added to it. Eating organic snacks or making it on our own are the best way to snack!

  17. It’s no easy to always keep track of what everyone is eating, really, as a mom there will be days when you just won’t care. I think what’s important is to keep the basics in tact, like what you mentioned, good sleep, fair amount of water, stuff like that.

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