{Review + Giveaway} PNKids Multivitamin + Minerals Gummies For Boys andGirls – Taste and Health together!

Some days back, we reviewed PNKids Complete Multivitamins + Minerals Syrup for boys and girls. Also, some lucky parents won give-away of the syrup for their kids. Here is a link to that post –
My kids especially the girl is a picky eater and the little boy is exploring different foods and getting aware of likes / dislikes. So as a concerned parent, I already started to try PNKids Complete Multivitamins + Minerals Syrup and kids are taking it regularly now.
Recently, I also learned that the same goodness of the syrup is available in the form of PNKids Multivitamin + Minerals Gummies for boys and girls. Gummies?! – hmmm..kids are surely going to love this option, I thought.
That is when, PNKids sent try-out packs for both my kids. This is how the packs looked. The same vibrant colors, all the important information clearly mentioned on the package and wow, Minecraft toys inside!!! Thanks PNKids 🙂

The gummies come in a pack of 100 gummies. It helps in supporting kids immunity, growth and development.

Point to remember – your kid has to be 2 years plus to start the gummies. Also, do not exceed the daily dose of gummies. Do read FAQs on PNKids website – http://www.pnkids.com.sg/faqs/
The gummies are low-calorie and contain No gelatin. What’s more, suitable for vegetarians!! No preservatives, artificial colors and flavors too.

After opening the packs, I found nice bottles with pink and blue lids. Nutritional information is clearly mentioned on the bottle and pack.

The suggested dosage is 2-4 gummies a day. They contain different essential vitamins like A, D, E, C and minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper and so on. When parents have a doubt that the kids are not getting daily allowance of nutrients through food, PNKids Multivitamin + Minerals gummies can come to our rescue.
Here is how they look. Cute animal shapes..and these gummies are teeth-friendly since that do not get stuck to the teeth. Easy to eat and nice fruity taste.

Happy Faces of kids when they saw the pack, knew about the gummies and the toy inside. Yippie! In fact, I also ate 4 gummies straight-away and loved it. Ha ha.
Finally, the MInecraft toys that we found inside the pack. Sureshot favorite with kids.

Here is our Pumpkin and Zombie. 🙂 🙂

So, now parents have options to ensure that their kids get required multivitamins and minerals needed for the healthy growth – Syrup or the great tasting gummies.


We are giving away PNKids Multivitamin + Minerals Gummies For Boys and Girls to a few lucky parents on occasion of Christmas and New Year!

1. Read the blog post and in the comment section, DO NOT forget to state the gender and age of your kid.

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Here is wishing all kids Merry Christmas and Healthy Happy New Year.

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  1. Your multi vitamins giveways looks so awesome ! I have 7 and 8 years old son who would really benefit from taking these multivitamins ! Thank you

  2. My name is Azmi and I have 2 boys aged 7 and 8 years old. They love minecrafts and hope to win the giveaway !

  3. Informative blog u have here ��
    Hope to win for my boys who are 4yo and 7yo. They love Minecrafts too!
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