Child Care Centers – another boon to working moms in Singapore

In Part 1, we saw how helpers can be a real boon to working moms or rather parents [], in this post, let us see how child care centers help you to take care of your kids while you are on the job. I as a working mom have tried both the options and can share pros n cons of both from my perspective.

Singapore has child care centers all over the island. Some of them cater to the needs of Infant care and some of them are for kids more than 18 months old. Kids can attend the child care centers until they start attending Primary 1. [after that, there are student care centers].
Child care centers provide secured environment for your kids. The teachers and caregivers possess necessary early childhood qualifications and know how to take care of holistic development of kids.
Have a look at this link that gives one-stop information about child care centers in Singapore
Fee structure can vary from center to center. Also, it is determined by the residence status that you hold eg. Singaporean / Permanent Resident / Foreigner and whether you are a working or non-working mom. Subsidies are available based on residence or working status of moms. Generally, the fees of infant care centers are higher.
Childcare timings are generally from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM to accommodate working timings of parents. Saturday is half-day working.
Typical activities kids follow in a child care center are as below –
1. Music and Movement
2. Learning different concepts of Mathematics, Science and English
3. Mother tongue education [Mandarin, Tamil and Malay options available]
4. Outdoor and Indoor play
5. Afternoon nap time
All meals like breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided. They are healthy and nutritious.
Teachers and care givers also take care of special requirements like ensuring kids with allergies eat suitable food, medications are given to sick kids and so on. They almost become moms when actual moms are on the job! Really appreciate and respect their work!!
Pointers for parents based on my experience –
1. It is good for infants when no elderly at home to take care and mom has to resume her job. Infant is in safe and well-trained hands.
2. Parents who do not prefer to have full time helper at home.
3. You can save some money if you are eligible for subsidies.
4. Early childhood education of kids is taken care of. No need to join another playgroup / nursery / kindergarten separately.
5. Kids can learn sharing and team work in early age.
6. Chances of spreading of common infections like flu, HFMD are higher since kids are in a group.
7. Long hours in a childcare can be daunting for some kids.
8. I tried to get the best of both the worlds i.e. Hire a helper [full time support for me] and half-day child care so that my kid can mingle with other kids and learn new things. A bit expensive but worth it!
On a slightly different note, it is possible to set up your own child care center too. Mainly if you are looking at starting your own business in Sinagpore. Here is a guide – 
Also, you can consider doing an early childhood diploma and secure a job in a child care center. Some schools like Ngee Ann poly, NP and some other private institutes like Kaplan offer such courses. Find more about such courses on below links –
To summarize, I can say that working moms should consider helpers and child care both options, weigh down different scenarios and take decision. All the best!

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