Helpers – a boon to working moms in Singapore

On our SINdiapore forum [], we keep on getting frequent questions regarding helpers [many people call them “maids”, I prefer to call them as “helper” 🙂 ]. Official term is FDW – Foreign Domestic Worker.

When I first came in SG in 2006 and started searching the job, the first question that I faced was – Who will take care of my daughter? Do I have to leave in the child care center whole day? How will I manage house chores and hubby and daughter and job???

Hubby instantly came with a solution – HIRE a live-in HELPER..Ta da!!

In SG, it is extremely easy to find a suitable helper. Simple hiring process enforced by MOM, numerous of agencies and helpers from different countries are available in abundance.

So far, I have employed Philipina and Indonesian helpers. Helpers from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar etc. can be hired too.

Let me list down a few resources for you –




Once you hire a helper, as an employer, it is your responsibility to take care of the well-being of her. Certain points that we need to keep in mind as an employer –

  • Helper stays away from her family for supporting them. You’ll need to give her some emotional support and patient ears for her issues


  • Give her time to learn and adjust at your home


  • Take care of her safety and health


  • Give her enough rest everyday. (other than agreed rest days per month)


  • Make an concious effort to treat her as a family member. Give and Take is necessary in every relationship!


Wishing you all Happy Time with your helpers! 🙂

Singapore Desi
(For RainbowDiaries)

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