Our Data Privacy Policy

This is what we do at RainbowDiaries to comply with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”).

For more information about the PDPA can be found at http://www.pdpc.gov.sg

Collection of Personal Data

RainbowDiaries may collect your data in following instances:

  • when you subscribe to our media list
  • when you submit a contact form or other forms on the website or our other social channels on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp
  • when you take part in giveaways and other contests
  • when you visit our website via computer or mobile
  • when you submit your personal data to us for any other reasons.

Usage of Personal Data

We use your personal data for following purposes:

  • to reply to your messages / mails or other communication via this site or our other social channels on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp
  • to complete the campaign deliverables if you are a brand
  • to send you notices, information, promotions and updates regarding our events, giveaways and other marketing information occasionally
  • to comply with law, the requests of law enforcement and regulatory officials, or orders of court in case such scenarios arise
  • for any other purposes with your consent

Security of Personal Data

RainbowDiaries takes reasonable care to protect your personal data from unauthorized access.

Withdrawal of consent

If you wish to withdraw your consent for our use of your Personal Data, you may do so in the following ways:

Drop an email on [email protected]


This policy is subject to changes / amendments.