BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp Review: Smart Lighting for kids

BenQ products are extremely trustworthy. We are saying this based on our experience of using BenQ monitors and MindDuo study lamp’s earlier version. We were very curious to try and review the latest BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp and I must say it’s 100% living up to the expectations that BenQ users will have.

Read on to find more about BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp’s features and how it’ll be a great gadget to have for your home.

I already have lights at home. Why do I need MindDuo 2?

We all have lights at home in all rooms. But there are certain details that we might not have paid attention to:

Brightness of the lights

Since childhood, our parents have been telling this that we should read in adequate lights else there will be eye fatigue and soreness resulting in loss of the concentration.

Do they shine bright enough?

Turn on the lights or are they off?

Many times kids tend to forget to on the lights while doing studies or reading or even while e-learning. Even adults sometimes forget to turn off lights when not necessary.

Unnecessary usage of lights is energy wastage and forgetting to turn them on means sore eyes. It’s a double whammy!

Do your home lights emit only a
yellowish light?

The issue of glare arises especially from traditional desk lamps when kids are using screens for learning.

Do you know glare is also one of the main causes of digital eye strain?

BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp: The Comfiest Light Designed for Children

As a parent, supporting our kids in their studies – online using screens or offline using books – is our main goal. We have to ensure that the study environment at home is conducive.

A good study desk, chair and a good study lamp make things so much smoother for kids.

MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp is the Comfiest Light Designed for Children!

Five reasons why you should get BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp

1. It comes from BenQ

BenQ Smart Lighting has been one of the world leaders when it comes to lighting solutions for different requirements. It has been awarded numerous patents for its eye-caring light technology.

MindDuo 2’s Flicker free LED Light has passed IEEE 1789 and EU PST & SVM standard. It also conforms to EU IEC/TR 62778, IEC/EN 62471 blue light standards.

Its LEDs have a test life of over 50,000 hours.

2. Ultra-wide and Ultra-even Lighting

With 95cm oval illumination with light level up to 500 Lux, MindDuo 2 has an illuminance uniformity as low as 1.88
which provides further eye comfort to its users. Its Smaller Light Head is suitable for any size of the table.

MindDuo 2 has a perfect structure to help reduce brightness loss and it casts light far to either side.

3. Zero Direct Glare

Parents will love this feature a lot in this kids study lamp.

MindDuo 2 has a front canopy added to the top cover of the lamp
head, and the light guide has been concealed in the lamp head. This is to prevent kids from looking directly at the light source. to reduce the dazzling direct glare.

We love this Break Reminder feature of BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp. There’s a 30-minute timer that beeps every 30 minutes to remind the kids to take a break and let their eyes rest.

4. Dual Smart Modes

Just one tap and kids can get the most suitable light for reading, writing or online learning.

It’s Screen Reading Mode works with the lower central light output to minimize the reflective glare on the screen.

It complements light on both sides to reduce contract glare between the screen and the surroundings.

MindDuo 2 comes with a Paper Reading Mode. It provides sufficient, wide and balanced illumination to give kids the most suitable light they need to read.

Special mention of BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp’s Auto On/Off feature. The lights are automatically switched on within 3 seconds of the user taking the seat and switched off 3 minutes after the user leaving the seat, reducing power wastage. 

5. Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature, Flexible Height and Angle

MindDuo 2 lets you adjust the brightness and color temperature very easily to suit your needs.

It has 7 color temperature choices – Warm white light for creativity. Cool white light for concentration.

The double arm and ball joint design of this study lamp allows the users to position the lamp based on the space and their needs.

Stable, space-saving and easy to assemble!

How to install?

It’s straightforward to install BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp. Watch this video and install yours.

We have been using this study lamp for our kids room for some time now and we are perfectly happy with the quality, comfort and care it offers to eyes.

Get BenQ MindDuo 2 Kids Study Lamp from here !

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