If You’re a Parent in Singapore, You Must Know About Fort Achievers & Co.

Just the other day, in my WhatsApp group, one of the Singapore mums was asking for a reference of a therapist. Her friend needed some urgent help to hone social skills for her child. There was another query a few months back where a parent was enquiring for Behavioral Therapist.

Honestly, life of a parent is full of challenges and parenthood is a constant learning journey with twists, tweaks, and hurdles at every stage. Children too go through a lot of transformations during their formative years wherein disorders or behavioral issues might crop up. It’s not uncommon to have issues like delayed motor skills development, undesirable behaviors, poor academic and communication skills, Autism and so on.

At the same time, seeking professional help of a therapist is still somewhat a taboo and many parents look at this option with doubt. Affordability, access to such services are other hindrances that deter parents from seeking intervention of experts.

Exactly this is where, Fort Achievers & Co. is a much-needed resource that comes to help for parents and children. Founder and Director Ryan Stone determined to start Fort Achievers & Co. inspired by the life of a close family member who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Now, Ryan strives for a sole purpose which is to make Autism and Behavioral Therapy accessible and available to every child who needs it. Together with the help of his team of Fort Achievers Therapists, he is committed to guiding them on a path that leads to the realization of their greatest potential.

Meet the team of the Fort Achievers & Co. here: https://www.fortachieversco.com/about

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy offered by Fort Achievers & Co.

Whenever as a parent, we find something amiss in the child’s development, earlier intervention works the best.

Fort Achievers & Co.’s experienced Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists equip the children with:

  • Improved Communication Skills with Parents and Peers
  • Motor Skills like Walking, Running, Cycling
  • Better Transition between Different Environments
  • Social Skills like Playing, Sharing, Turn-taking, Asking for Assistance, Expressions
  • Self-help Skills
  • Academic Skills
  • Reduce Undesirable Behaviors


Fort Achievers & Co. also helps your child better integrate into their Schools and Classroom settings.

Child with special needs will learn to reduce Undesirable Behaviors and make a smooth transition between different classroom environments and lesson activities. It will also help to develop independence skill.

Affordable therapy options of Fort Achievers & Co.

Since long, prices of therapies rendered by professionals have been like a bomb and that’s why many parents and children couldn’t afford them. Fort Achievers & Co. has made these professional therapy sessions easily accessible and available for all at a flat rate of $50 / hour.

Gone are those days where parents had to fork out thousands of dollars and delay the therapy of their children thanks to Fort Achievers & Co.

Therapy For Every Child Who Needs It

With their strong belief that every child has the potential to achieve great heights, Fort Achievers & Co. ensures that the developmental delays such as Autism should not be an obstacle to that.
Being a school that focuses on Applied Behaviour Analysis(ABA) Therapy, they transform the lives of Children with ASD by unlocking their potential through the effective use of our internationally-recognized syllabus.

Fort Achievers & Co. is Singapore’s Most Accessible Autism Therapy Centre, with transparency and affordability. Do contact them to unlock the full potential of your children.

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