Hoseiki Jewelry Review and Promo Code

I had seen it on my friends and was quite curious to know more about this Feng Shui bracelet from Hoseiki Jewelry! Not only her bracelet looked beautiful on wrist but it was also based on Feng Shui and blessed by singing bowl. Sounds interesting isn’t it? I decided to do a bit more research, visited Hoseiki Jewelry website and read some reviews. Honestly, I fell in love with the craftsmanship, designs of Hoseiki Jewelry based on what I saw on their website. I ordered a bracelet from The Royalty – 999 Solid Gold Pixiu Series. How does it look? Did I get what I saw on the website? Read on!

If you are a Feng Shui believer or not…

I’m sure some of us are ardent believers of Feng Shui while some are not. It doesn’t matter when it comes to getting your chosen piece from Hoseiki Jewelry.

Those of you who believe in Feng Shui, please note that Hoseiki Jewellery is a one stop shop where not only this intricate jewellery is handmade but it also offers bazi reading that will help you to gain insights of your personality to guide you in decision making. They are quite famous for it and the trust that customers put in Hoseiki Jewelry is tremendous.

For non-believers or people sitting on the fence for this topic, you can opt for Hoseiki Jewelry for the sheer beauty of it. These bracelets elevate any outfit and go well with any look – formal / casual.

The Royalty – 999 Solid Gold Pixiu bracelet

Let me tell you more about my bracelet. It’s “The Royalty – 999 Solid Gold Pixiu bracelet”. I’m a Water sign as per zodiac and naturally got attracted to the blue hues of precious gemstone of Lapis Lazuli.

Image courtesy: Hoseiki Website

This bracelet is also made of Gold Rutilated Quartz, Carved Tiger Eye that makes it look even more elegant.

It is said that:

  • Wearing Lapis Lazuli refines your Intuition, Wisdom, Communication
  • Gold Rutilated Quartz offers Amplifying, Energizing, Manifesting benefits
  • Carved Tiger Eye is for Protection, Confidence, Grounding
Image courtesy: Hoseiki Website

999 Gold Pixiu

The centrepiece of the bracelet is 999 Gold Pixiu – Chinese mythical hybrid of dragon and lion. You can opt for one or two pixiu in the bracelet. My wrist is smaller so I opted for one pixiu.

The Pixiu, which is the most powerful symbol, is regarded as the “Supreme Being” of good fortune in Feng Shui.

The Royalty – 999 Solid Gold Pixiu bracelet has pixiu carved in 999 Solid Gold which makes it such a stunner!

Superb Quality and packaging

When you receive your Hoseiki bracelet, the packaging itself will win your heart. Based on my experience, I can surely say that the bracelet is of high-quality and made with a lot of love, care and blessings.

It’s an excellent gift idea too for someone you love!

Worldwide Shipping and Exclusive Promo for RainbowDiaries Readers

Hoseiki Jewelry ships worldwide!

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Do check it out and let us know your reviews!!

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***We were sent Hoseiki bracelet for review purposes. All opinions expressed here are based completely on our experience.