Home is where the heart is! Providing a beautiful home for loved ones is everyone’s goal and for that we all work very hard. We also move homes by selling the current one and buying another in a quest to ultimately live in our dream home! Though buying and selling home is very streamlined and is guided by various official regulations in Singapore, as a homeowner it can get tricky and confusing to understand and manage the whole process. Say Hi to Homer AI !! Homer AI is a new AI tool to help home homeowners track the entire timeline of selling and buying a home.

Homer AI is a proprietary technology powered by Ohmyhome, a proptech company that provides comprehensive housing solutions such as selling, buying, renting and even renovation! It’s no wonder Ohmyhome is so highly rated at 4.9 stars on Google & Facebook.

How Homer AI helps Homeowners overcome challenges

When it comes to selling home, homeowners are often not sure about how much exactly the price of their current home, how much of the sales proceeds we get to keep as a seller and how to calculate and track it is another challenge. Also, selling their current home and simultaneously buying another one, managing the entire timeline of sell-and-buy transactions becomes mind boggling for homeowners.

This is exactly where Homer AI enters the picture to help homeowners like you and me! Homer AI stands for: Home Ownership Management and E-Valuation Report Artificial Intelligence.

Homer AI works to:

  • help home sellers to understand the fair value of their home.
  • analyse neighbouring transactions and market trends
  • plan their finances and their cash proceeds.

Homer AI records important details of your property keeps them updated as the value of your home can rise or fall due to market forces, affecting your mortgage balance and cash proceeds.

Complete, real-time, property insights for your home

Homer AI is like having an agent in your pocket.

This state-of-the-art Homer AI utilizes a combination of real-time big data from trusted private and public sources, along with comprehensive market analysis and property indices. This advanced system enables homeowners to accurately gauge the current value of your home. Based on the power of machine learning technology, Homer AI provides highly precise and localized indicative e-valuation results. As a homeowner, I can be confident in the accuracy of these calculations, as Homer AI’s median error rate is an impressive 5%. This AI tool provides reliable and trustworthy information about the value of our property.

Real-Time Information

With this new evolution of technology, gone are those days when we had to rely solely on property agents for accurate data. With Homer AI, we can access real-time information about properties, neighborhoods, and market trends. Whether you’re looking to sell or buy home, you can now conduct thorough research and make informed decisions.

Accuracy in Home Valuation

When it comes to determining the value of your home, accuracy is key. Homer AI team considers a variety of factors, including market trends, location, size, and comparable sales in your area and that’s why we can trust this tool to receive the most precise valuation for homes.

Insightful advice for homeowners

Selling a home can be an exciting but complex process. One crucial step is calculating your net cash proceeds from the sale. When determining your net cash proceeds, it’s important to consider various fees and costs that may be associated with the sale of your home. While some fees are more obvious, such as real estate agent commissions (From only 1% at Ohmyhome), there are other less-known expenses that need to be taken into account such as resale levy and accrued interest. That’s why AI tools like Homer AI calculates this and make life simpler for homeowners.

Guided experience

Through Homer AI, Ohmyhome plans and map out a personalized and detailed property timeline that is tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, Homer AI ensures that you have all the guidance you need.

Getting Started with Homer AI

3 easy steps and you are well on the way to get the most from your exciting home selling and buying journey!

  • Create Account & Connect With Singpass
  • Explore Homer AI’s Dashboard
  • Get Started On Selling Your Home

***Only HDB properties are currently supported by Homer AI. For private properties, Homer AI will have something cool very soon!

Look forward to more with Homer AI

Just like any other AI tool, Homer AI Is constantly learning and updating itself and we all can look forward to Homer AI to be able to provide us with recommendations on properties that we can purchase based on affordability. It will also provide hyper localized insights, news, and data of your estate, and plan your buying and selling journey and timelines. All this will come soon to Homer AI.

Homer AI is accessible via Web and Ohmyhome App

Artificial Intelligence is here to revolutionize the way we work and live. Getting started with Homer AI is super simple! It’s accessible via a website and app.

Take control of your selling and buying home journey with Homer AI today!

Access Homer AI via website
Access Homer AI via Ohmyhome app

Set up your Homer AI account and claim NTUC voucher

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