5 Best Water Purifiers in Singapore – because water is life!

Water is elixir and we have to ensure that we drink as pure water as possible every time. Water refreshes, rehydrates and rejuvenates instantly and it’s something without which we can’t survive. A glass of water is all we need after coming back home after a super tiring day! Cold water or warm water or room temperature water or hot water – we need different type of water depending on our mood, climate and our health demands.

In this listicle, we have 5 best water purifiers in Singapore that you should consider getting for your home. Read on!

As a consumer, when it comes to purchasing a water purifier, there are several crucial aspects that can influence our decision. These include the filtration technology used, the convenience of usage, the price, the visual aesthetics, and the warranty offered by the product. After researching various models from leading brands, we have carefully selected the top five options that have made it to our final list. These models excel in meeting the key criteria and provide an excellent solution for clean and purified water. ***

***Based on our research and opinion. Please use your own discretion before making any purchases.


On number 1 in our list is STERRA!! STERRA is a popular brand of Singapore and their air purifiers, mattresses are making waves in consumers. STERRA 7 Water purifier has been garnering great feedback too. It comes with a breakthrough technology to overcome all the issues other water purifiers might be facing. Example: based on STERRA research, 1 in 5 will face leakage issues over its product lifetime mainly because of Singapore’s temperature and humidity. STERRA’s intensive QC for every single piece to ensure no leaking. Hydra 7+™ Technology of this water purifier ensures that there’s no condensation and leakage.

It’s very convenient to use with an extendable nozzle and comes with as many as 6 different temperatures settings – Cold at 5, 15 degree, Normal temperature at 25 degree, Warm/hot at 50, 70, 87 degree! STERRA 7 comes with 3 Filters with 8-Stage Filtration System that removes Odour, Heavy Metal, Rust, Bacteria and Chlorine. Pure water anytime every time!

Sterra water purifier uses nanotechnology to filter finer particles and suspended solids as well as residual rust., while retaining the important minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions.

The filter is also able to remove 8 different types of heavy metals and organic compounds like Mercury, ion, lead, cadmium, copper, arsenic, and aluminum and might even remove harmful viruses including: norovirus, colon bacillus, staphylococcus aureus. Filter lasts for around 6 months and you can change it on your own.

STERRA 7’s full stainless steel flow path prevents germs and contamination and it’s resistant to rust and corrosion. Perfectly hygienic for water consumption!

Priced at just: $1,999, STERRA 7 offers value for money and it’s a premium product that comes at great value. Its sleek look and modern aesthetics gel very well with any home decor. STERRA 7 is available in 2 beautiful colors of black and light grey.

With 100% Leak-Proof Guarantee, FREE Delivery and Installation, FREE 1 Year Warranty and FREE 2 Years Filter Set, STERRA 7 is definitely a very attractive choice for pure drinking water.

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Hydroflux HANA

Second in our list, it’s ultra slim Hydroflux Hana with a 180º rotating faucet. HANA is an unique and versatile water dispenser that is made to be suitable even for kitchens with less space available. It comes with alkaline / non-alkaline option.

With its unique and versatile design, you can place HANA horizontally or vertically in your kitchen. It’s designed to rotate 180º at the front and to latch at 5 designated points. The water outlet can be then adjusted freely so you don’t have to worry about restricted access. Due to Its slim build, HANA also allows it to be tucked behind another appliance or anywhere in your compact kitchen. It prices from $2488 onwards.

HANA is quiet and provides powerful water flow and pressure. It offers 3 instant temperatures: Hot (85ºC), Room (27ºC), Cold (6ºC). HANA is a reliable water purifier with its consistent smooth flow of water and self-sterilisation mode. HANA has a single, 3-in-1 filter accessible by lifting up the cover.

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Livingcare ONYX

Livingcare ONYX adds a touch of modern sophistication to your home with its sleek look and cutting-edge technology.

Its multi-stage Filtration ensures 99.9% elimination of bacteria and impurities from tap water. This water purifier is 100% Motorless and Tankless. ONYX provides instant hot, cold, and lukewarm water at a touch of a button. It’s cost-effective due to zero electricity consumption on standby with less than $3 electrical bill per month.

Price: $3,080.00

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Futur Living STAR+

Futur Living STAR+ Water Purifier is a state-of-the-art appliance designed to enhance your drinking experience. With its sleek and modern design, this purifier not only complements your kitchen but also provides you with purified water at five different temperatures.

What sets the STAR+ apart is its advanced nanofiltration and VIOLEDS technology. These innovative features work together to ensure that your water is purified with an impressive 99.9% sterilization rate, safeguarding the health of you and your loved ones. It’s equipped with the latest gen 4 semiconductor technology, this purifier delivers outstanding performance and reliability.

Made in Korea, the STAR+ Water Purifier delivers the superior water purification experience you deserve. With its three filters, the STAR+ Water Purifier employs an extensive eight-stage filtration process, ensuring that every sip of water is clean, crisp, and free from impurities.

Slim and Sleek, STAR+ Water Purifier instantly dispenses water at 5 different temperatures (5°C, 25°C, 45°C, 70°C, 87°C). It measures only 15CM in width and has a compact design that can easily fit into most Singaporean home kitchens effortlessly. It is priced at $2,299.00.

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Happie Joy

Happie’s Joy Water Purifier comes with the groundbreaking STEALTH technology. With this innovative feature, you can now enjoy clean and safe drinking water within seconds. The Electrolysis Technology integrated in this purifier ensures thorough washing and sterilization of all water channels and filters using electrolysis sterilizing water.

Happie Joy with its advanced technology not only removes bacteria, chlorine, metals, micro-organisms, trihalomethane, rust, and viruses, but it also sterilizes the insides of the filter, guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene.

Its compact, elegant, and slim profile that seamlessly blends into any space. The highlighted display and touch buttons not only add a touch of sophistication but also enhance visibility and usability, making it a pleasure to use.

Fuss-free setup and adjustable faucet, six temperature levels, LED display panel gives you a full control over your water consumption.

With its innovative flip and click mechanism, accessing the filter for replacement or maintenance is a breeze. Happie water purifiers are available for prices from $1688 Onwards depending on the models.

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All the prices mentioned in this listicle are subjected to change depending on the platform of purchase, discounts and promos etc.

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