Introducing Doddl and Tidy Tot’s Must-Have Tools for Baby-Led Weaning Success to Empower Your Little Food Explorers

If you are looking for ‘Baby Weaning Starter Kit’ and ‘Junior Mealtime Essentials’, which are professionally developed for Baby-Led Weaning then this post is for you!

Do you know July 1 happens to be National Baby-Led Weaning Day? The ‘Baby Weaning Starter Kit’ and ‘Junior Mealtime Essentials’ are being introduced as the best baby formula for the first time on the Latte Parents website for this unique occasion.

The “Baby Weaning Starter Kit” and “Junior Mealtime Essentials” are two eagerly awaited items from Latte Parents, the approved distributor for Doodl and Tidy Tot goods in Singapore and Malaysia.

Catherine Dodd, who established Doddl in 2013, used her own experiences and tenacity to revolutionize children’s cutlery. Catherine was motivated to develop a product that would promote independence, facilitate the weaning process for every kid, and make parenting much simpler. After ten years, doddl has amassed more than 10,000 parent reviews with five stars and other accolades, including the significant King’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation that was just received.

Jennifer, a motivated mother, established Tidy Tot to provide creative solutions to the mess associated with weaning. Tidy Tot started as a modest prototype made with chopsticks and a muslin square and has now become a successful international company. They make practical, mess- free products like award-winning bibs, wash mitts, and snack bags that let kids explore and enjoy their meals while making life easier for parents.

Baby Weaning Starter Kit

Doddl’s Baby Cutlery Set

For your baby’s mealtime adventures, this certified safe and superbly crafted cutlery set is a game-changer. It aids in your child’s development of hand-eye coordination and cutlery abilities with both hands and comes with a spoon, fork, and handy case. designed to assist parents in introducing the use of cutlery to young children who are older than six months. The device has short, ergonomic handles that may be used for a simple palmer grip and soft-touch sections that can help with the development of a more complex pincer grasp. The pleasant sensation provided by the smooth ends fosters favorable connections with both silverware and mealtimes.

Bib and Tray for Tidy Tots

With the help of this ground-breaking gear, your baby will be completely protected during weaning, keeping both them and their surroundings tidy and uncluttered. There are no gaps where food may fall into your child’s lap or clothes, thanks to the long sleeves and coverall bib’s attachment to the tray. The roomy surface on the food-safe tray gives your infant room to explore and learn about baby food while preventing spills on the floor. It enables your baby to acquire self-feeding abilities while sparing parents from tedious washing and cleaning. Compatible with all weaning techniques, including baby-led weaning.

Junior Mealtime Essentials

Doddl Toddler Cutlery Set with Spoon, Fork, and Knife

The toddler spoon, fork, and knife set by Doddl is expertly crafted to make self-feeding simple for kids 12 months and older. Each component has been skillfully constructed with ergonomic characteristics to encourage a secure grip and good control. The soft-touch surfaces promote pincer grip strength and finger coordination, which are important motor skills. Your youngster will master cutting with the doddl knife’s distinctive design. Young eaters gain self-assurance and independence with doddl, which is safe and recommended by specialists.

Children’s Doddl Plate

With doddl, switching from a bowl to a “grown-up” plate has never been simpler. The children’s plate has a smooth curvature that neatly contains the baby food, and the lower Forks and knives are accessible from the front and sides. Stability is guaranteed by the non-slip base, and the plate’s striking splat shape centers attention on the middle. Additionally, it is dishwasher-safe and biodegradable, making it both useful and green.

Children’s Cutlery Case by Doddl

This practical and fashionable case is dishwasher-safe and made to suit Doddl’s spoon, fork, and knife set or the spoon and fork set flawlessly. With the help of the convenient clip, you can connect it to any bag or backpack, ensuring that parents always have their child’s silverware with them.

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