The Best is Not Always New! Compasia Gadgets for the win

Sustainability is the buzzword that we hear everywhere! We also understand that to save our Planet Earth, we need to play our part and teach our kids the same too. When it comes to waste, e-waste is one of the major contributing factors. Household e-waste is we all produce and that’s why we all have to be a part of the solution too. E-waste AKA Electronic waste includes gadgets that come with plugs, cords and electronic components. Some of the common sources of e-waste include TVs, computers, mobile phones and any type of home appliance, from air conditioners to children’s toys.

Gadgets make up an integral part and parcel of our lives and we spend hours using them on a day-to-day basis. At the same time, we have to see to it that we don’t overindulge in gadgets and reduce e-waste. In this post we share about pre-owned gadgets by Compasia and why we should opt for pre-owned gadgets whenever and wherever possible.

Tips to reduce E-waste

Product lifespan – When we purchase any gadget, it’s good to check the potential lifespan of it. It reduces the need to replace them often.

Check labels – Opt for gadgets that are environmentally friendly. It’s always the best to check for Eco labels on the gadgets.

Do your own research before buying – It’s helpful to understand whether the gadgets are made of materials that can’t be recycled and will add to the landfill.

Maintain and care for your gadgets – taking proper care of your gadgets like regular cleaning, no overcharging helps to prolong their life.

Recycle, recycle, recycle – E-waste disposal is extremely important. Ensure that we use e-waste bins correctly.

Teach kids about E-waste management – our little sustainability soldiers need to be trained about proper use and recycling of gadgets. As parents, it’s our respnosibility.

Change of mindset – Many of us have this mindset that only new gadgets are the best! That’s not essentially has to be the case. Companies like Compasia offer high quality pre-owned gadgets at great Prices and with up to 12 months warranty. It’s the sustainable choice to minimize e-waste. We have to change our mindset and opt for second hand devices especially when they are Quality Assured.

Same same but cheaper

It’s easy to start your journey of sustainable lifestyle and reduce e-waste. When it comes to kids, we were thinking whether to buy new phones for them. For my elder daughter, we never gave her own device until she turned almost 12. We intended to do the same for my son who is now in the similar age bracket. We had three choices: Get a new phone for him, hand down our old phone OR buy secondhand phone.

We decided against choice number 1 because kids should not be given new gadgets of their own in our opinion. They must understand that everything comes for a price and they must put in hardwork to get new devices. Second choice also was not feasible because our old gadgets were long past their lifecycle and we already recycled them. Exactly at this point, we came across Compasia. After our purchase of iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 from Compasia and after our usage for a while, we can safely say that buying from Compasia proved to be a great decision! The handphones that we bought for kids are good as new and same same but cheaper compared to the firsthand devices.

32-step quality checked devices by Compasia

When you decide to buy second hand gadgets, one of the biggest worries for consumer is the question – whether the device I am buying is authentic, whether it’s quality assured. All of Compasia devices are fully tested and operational, and they are as good as new i.e. Excellent Grade.

  • Up to 12 months warranty
  • Free Delivery

These are some other points that attracted me to Compasia.

Compasia is one of the biggest buyer and seller of pre-owned gadgets in Singapore. Currently they are selling to 4 markets – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippine. Compasia gadgets include phones, tablets, and laptops. They have also partnered with major telcos like Machines, Samsung and Huawei, assisting them with their trade-in program.

Device for kids

When it comes to buy gadgets for kids, it’s an excellent triple opportunity for parents:

  1. Parents can save money and avoid the heartbreak of having to replace a brand-new phone if it gets damaged.
  2. Kids get to use excellent quality of pre-owned device of great brands.
  3. As a family, we play our part in reducing e-waste and overall carbon footprint thereby.

As a parent, it also helps to teach kids about thriftyness and value of money.

Choose Compasia for buying pre-owned devices

Our experience of buying second-hand, affordable, good-as-new devices from Compasia has been fantastic. All we have to do is just visit their online shop, choose the model that we need, make payment and get it delivered at the doorstep.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Affordability
  • Authenticity
  • Trustworthy
  • Safe
  • Friendly
  • Sustainability

We are also planning to buy phone for our helper from Compasia.

Remember that the best is not always new! Let’s make a sustainable choice.

Get your pre-owned device from Compasia here! Our promo code SHUB25 will give you $25 off! no min spending is needed.

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