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Creativity and Art knows no boundaries – age, gender, race, color, country nothing! When they amalgmate with technology, the power they together create is phenomenal. Do you know today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day? Global Accessibility Awareness Day is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities.

To mark this day, Apple has a special lineup of activities happening from 13 May–17 June at the Apple Store. You can bring your kids for fun creative sessions at the Apple Store. Artists from inclusive arts programme GROW by Superhero Me will facilitate exploration of augmented reality to make your own animations, stories, podcasts, games and more using iPad and iPhone. Aiming to drive inclusion and empowerment for all children in Singapore, Superhero Me is a non-profit movement that uses artistic experiences to build creative confidence and social awareness in kids.

Explore the sessions here !

All the sessions are amazing. One of the sessions that caught our attention will be conducted by Singapore illustrator and animator Peng! As part of Apple’s Grow with Creativity series with Superhero Me, she’ll join young artist Zhao Hang to show kids how to dream up and animate their own quirky character in Procreate, with the help of accessibility features on iPad and Apple Pencil. The session is great for ages 6–15.

We had an e-chat with Peng. Read on and let your kids read too!

1. Hi Peng, please tell us about yourself. What made you choose a career as an Animator? What have been some of the  high points and low points in your journey?
– Hello! I’m a freelance animator and illustrator living in Singapore 🙂 I grew up loving cartoons and animation and have always dreamt of making my own animated film one day. I especially love how fun and colourful things are in the world of animation and how anything was possible. When I was in art school, I naturally chose this field as my degree! 

I wouldn’t say I have had a low point in my career so far, but experiencing how tedious and time-consuming it was to create a 2D animated film by myself was a big lesson. The high point would be the sweetness of finishing a whole film by myself!  

2. How excited you are about this upcoming session with Apple? What can we look forward to in this session?
– I’m really excited to share the process of our project at the session! The journey has been a real spontaneous and somewhat unpredictable one. I’m really proud of the end product but the joy was in the process for me 🙂 I can’t wait to share a fraction of the fun we had throughout our journey, and hopefully you guys can experience it through our activity! 

3. Technology like iPads and creative arts like Drawing and Illustrating can literally change the world for kids. What possibilities do you see when technology and arts come together? Any suggestions for kids and parents to maximize the potential use of this combination?
– I think technology has made the process of trial and error so much more accessible for us. With the undo button and big memory space available on devices these days, we can easily restart whenever we want to!  Let yourself and your children make as many mistakes as we need and want to 🙂 don’t be afraid to have fun! 

4. On a personal level, tell us how do you use Apple products in your work? Any favourite apps that you would recommend for kids and adults to download to kickstart their creative journey?
– I really love using Procreate for illustration and I think it’s really easy to pick up even for beginners. There are so many brushes available on the app itself!  I use my iPad so much for work and it’s almost always with me. Whenever I have a little idea I can quickly jot it down as a messy quick drawing and I love that about how portable the device is!

Do enroll your kids for these fun creative sessions to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day at the Apple Store. See you!

***All images are courtsey Apple Singapore.

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