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I remember learning to code / program when I was around 18-20 years old. Cut to now: my 10-year son already knows ABCs and more of coding. Time moves really fast isn’t it? Now, coding or programming is considered as an essential skill and it’s going to be at the core of all future jobs. Recently, I took Shrihaan to The Lab and it was enlightening to know how much fun and empowering coding can be!

The Lab’s Curriculum, Environment and Instructors

Being an IT Professional, I very well know that Coding is a skill that can’t be spoon-fed. You have to learn the concepts, practice and most importantly understand the logic behind it. That’s why I liked the curriculum of The Lab that provides opportunities of:

  • Experiential Learning – using robots designed to develop intellectual capability of children.
  • Purposeful Exploration – via student-centric activities to build confidence and ability to face new challenges.
  • Personalized and Self-directed Learning – through embracing differences in learning styles and pace of children and empowering them to learn using different contexts and strategies
  • Problem-based Learning – using real-world simulations and environments to discover the technology

The Lab has extensive experience of teaching coding to 800+ students and counting. There are 2 locations and 2 countries where children can take admission.

The Lab has a multi-disciplinary team that is comprised of people who come with many years of experience in education and technology.

As a parent, I was pleasantly surprised by The Lab’s Open Classroom concept because I feel certain skills like computational thinking can’t be taught in a classrrom. The Lab has a “technology playground” where their students can move around, explore, invent games, interact with peers and instructors and collaborate to resolve conflicts to get the perfect coding solution!

It also gives me peace of mind to see that my child is throughout supervised by adults while he leads his own experiments with their help.

  • Open Concept Layout
  • Group Tables of 4 and 8
  • Modular Furniture for free-form flexible collaborations
  • Flexible seating

When I went to The Lab to drop my child for his class, I secretly wished to be their student! The environment itself was quite liberarting true to their concept of learning without boundries. Their facilators are knowledable and encourage students to their best. I must say they go an extra mile to make learning enviroment very conducive and coding very fun.

The Lab Programs

Coding is not one-size-fits-all. At the same time, you can start very young when it comes to learning to code. There are several programs available to choose from based on child’s age. Their holiday programs are very popular too and even adults can pick up the skill via workshops.

The Lab Kinder – for Ages 5-6
The Lab Junior – for Ages 7-9
The Lab Coder – for Ages 10-14
The Lab X – for Ages 14+
Holiday Programs
Adult Workshop

You can explore The Lab’s offerings here!

The fee structure is straightforward and it doesn’t cost a bomb! Parents can choose from various membership programs for their children.

Enriching Student’s personal attributes and academic skills

When children learn to code, they are developing their computational thinking. It aids them in understanding real world scenarios better and helps them in applying the same to their academics too. I found that my kid’s Maths concepts become much clearer after starting to learn coding.

The Lab encourages Coding journey of their students via Internal members’ competitions, Student of the Month awards, participation in National competitions, volunteering opportunities, industry tours.

As a parent, I love classes at The Lab because my child enjoys learning there and I can see him collaborating with other students while acquiring the essential skill of coding. Good going! If you also want your children to explore fantastic world of coding, do check out The Lab. Trial class is the best way to start off this exciting journey.

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More Information

The Lab
Telephone: (+65) 8916-0017

The Lab – Kinex
The Lab – The Centrepoint

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