Review: EMPIRE Premium Massage Chair: A Gift of Affordable Therapeutic Massage for Your Home

Raise your hands if you feel in a dire need of a great caring massage after a long day of work, study, and play. A great massage can be just the therapy we need to rejuvenate our tired bodies and minds. 

Singapore has amazing SPAs but we can’t afford to have the time or money to go to a spa every day. That’s why we’re thinking of getting a massage chair. Honestly, when it comes to a massage chair , we had questions in our mind – whether it will be too big and bulky? Whether it will really work to soothe our bodies? And how about the price? Generally massage chair prices are quite over the top, generally costing $3,000-$5,000! We did our due research and got an EMPIRE massage chair recently, which is only $1,399! We must say that it’s a cool new addition to our home and as a family, we are using it everyday.

EMPIRE Massage Chair – the solution for all your massage needs, right in the comfort of your own home

Massage chairs should massage well and the EMPIRE massage chair does that amazingly well. We are working professionals working from the office and home. We are hooked on the comfort that the EMPIRE massage chair provides.

10 Hand Sensation Massage

Imagine 10 hands massaging you at the same time to soothe away all your discomfort, fatigue and stress? That’s the exact feeling we get while using an EMPIRE massage chair. Its 10 hand sensation massage will make you feel as if ten hands are massaging you all at once. From your neck, back, buttocks, all the way down to your legs and soles, the massage chair will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Whole-Body Compression Airbags

The massage chair also has whole-body compression airbags that help to relieve fatigue, stress, and pain. These airbags work in tandem with the massage to provide a comprehensive, full-body massage experience. We find it very useful because sometimes after long hours of standing, sitting and other continuous activities, our muscles do need this kind of massage.

Zero Gravity

The Empire Massage Chair also features a 170-degree tilt that gives you the feeling of floating in the air. This zero gravity feature lifts the pressure off your spine and provides a weightless massage experience.

This is truly an “uplifting” experience. Pun intended.

EMPIRE Massage Chair – why is it a right choice for our home?

Sleek, Classy, and Affordable

The EMPIRE Massage Chair is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek and classy design will fit perfectly into your living room, and its compact size means it won’t take up too much space. But the best part? It’s so affordable, you won’t have to break the bank to enjoy a massage whenever you need it. Price is just $1399/- 

The Perfect Gift for Working Professionals and Parents

This massage chair is the perfect gift for working professionals, parents, and anyone who wants to enjoy a therapeutic massage in the comfort of their own home. Support a local brand and treat yourself and your family to a gift that will provide pain relief and relaxation for years to come.

Get Yours Today

Visit to learn more about the EMPIRE Premium Massage Chair and to purchase one for your home. You won’t regret it!

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