Invis Furniture – The Space-Saving Solution for Your Home

Grand Home & Living 2023 will be held from 18 – 26 Feb 2023 at Hall 4B, Singapore Expo. When creating your dream home, it’s important to get everything just right. Get to experience Invis Furniture during this event and explore how you can make your home even more beautiful with their furniture!

Singapore is a city and when it comes to city, there are things that we need to readjust to. One of the biggest adjustment that we have to do is – live in smaller spaces. Due to the demand of growing population, our “houses” are growing smaller and smaller but that doesn’t mean our “homes” can’t be big!!! Well, I’m talking about space-saving furniture that lets me utilize available space in multiple ways and maximize happiness. Recently, we got X Bar Coffee Dining Table from Invis Furniture and we are totally in awe of the usage possibilities it brings to the table! (pun intended)

What is Invis Furniture?

We at RainbowDiaries believe in supporting local always! We were glad to know that Invis Furniture is a local start-up.

Invis Furniture specializes in providing space-saving furniture solutions to help customers utilize their space more efficiently. They aim to provide the best of both worlds – being able to host more people without having large furniture take up space all the time unnecessarily. With their innovative designs, you can now have a clutter-free home and still be able to host guests comfortably.

One Table, Endless Possibilities

Our apartment in Singapore is considered quite sizeable and it’s not exactly shoebox apartment but with kids around, no space is big enough. We have so far tried to keep the place as minimalist as possible and we regularly recycle, repurpose and reduce stuff. When it comes to furniture, the top question we ask ourselves before buying is – Do we really need it and what will be the optimal use of it?

X Bar Coffee Dining Table

Invis Furniture’s X Bar Coffee Dining Table is a must-have for anyone looking for a space-saving solution for their home. This coffee table transforms into a dining table by extending the table’s length and raising its height, making it perfect for the occasional gatherings and parties. The table can fit 10-12 people when fully extended, and you can extend the table on your own, without needing the help of someone else. It’s really that easy!

Using it as a Dining table

The table comes with a total of three extension panels measuring 330mm each, which you can insert according to how much table space you require. The best part is that the extension panels can be stored within the table, making them convenient and easy to locate when needed. The length of the table is 1,200mm in its smallest form and can be extended up to 2,200mm. Its height ranges from 460mm to 790mm. The locking system ensures that the boards are tightened in place and will not separate suddenly.

The X Bar Coffee Dining Table comes in 3 colors – White Oak, Gloss White, and Walnut – so you can choose the one that best matches your home decor.

Using it as a Coffee Table

We chose Walnut Color because it gels beautifully and effortlessly with our home where we prefer earthen, natural colors.

Other offerings of Invis Furniture

In addition to their X Bar Coffee Dining Table, Invis Furniture also offers another coffee dining table design, console dining tables, and space-saving seating.

Their Bento Benches are extendable and pair with their tables perfectly. Console dining tables are not height adjustable but they can be compacted more and situated aside as a console when not in use.

Experience Invis Furniture in Showroom

If you prefer to see-check-touch-try and then buy furniture then you should visit Invis Furniture’s showroom located at 5 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A, #07-20, Singapore – 567760. Here customers can experience their products in real life.

To experience Invis Furniture firsthand, you can make an appointment on their website at under the “Contact” tab.

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We find Invis Furniture as a great solution for anyone looking to maximize their living space! Clutter-free home with value-for-money furniture is definitely possible.

Head over to their showroom or check out their website to see their products for yourself. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your home today!

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