Craving For Indian Cuisine With A Difference, Visit This Fine-Dining Restaurant

Generally, the perception of people when it comes to Indian Cuisine is limited to either North Indian food or South Indian food. But India has a rich culinary heritage and so is South East Asia. There’s so much more yet to explore for foodies. Glad we visited Yantra because we could explore a variety that we haven’t tasted before.

Pic: Yantra website

Yantra – Niche Menu

One suggestion! When you visit Yantra, be ready to try niche dishes. You won’t find usual Paneer preparations or whatever that comes to your mind when we refer to Indian cuisine.

Yantra’s menu is niche and it’s carefully curated to give a fitting tribute to India’s rich culinary legacy. Niche ingredients are also sourced across South East Asia. Culinary historian Pritha Sen and Executive Chef Pinaki Ray serve up a menu that’s delightful to your tastebuds while maintaining its uniqueness.

RainbowDiaries has many readers who are vegetarians. Based on our experience, I can safely say that Yantra has a good choice for them.


It’s always the ambiance that we expect to be great, cozy and conducive to enjoy eating. Yantra has classy ambiance that soothes your senses.

Silk wallpapers and fort-inspired door are very elegant and the traditional archways feature exudes the Rajasthan palace glory.

Yantra has multiple rooms catering to different purposes from family and friend gatherings to professional luncheons to birthday celebrations.

I will recommend you to reserve in advance because it’s a very popular place and seats are subject to availability.

Small plates

Small plates indicate appetizers and starters. The quantity is just perfect to ignite your hunger and the taste is very very good.

These are some recommendations based on what we tried.

Chaat Banarasi

Tangy and mouthwatering street food goes classy with this small plate. Chaat Banarasi is a cool combination of aerated yoghurt, potato and chana chaat, homemade crisps that are garnished with pomegranate seeds, fresh coriander, and crispy sev.

Taka Luchi Alu Dum

If you have tasted classic Puri-bhaaji that’s famous in many Indian states or even otherwise, you will love this miniature version of it where curried baby potatoes come wrapped in small flaky, puffed flatbread. Just pick and relish.

Tandoori Paneer Tikka

My kids loved this dish, Not too spicy and yet flavorful! Tandoori Paneer Tikka is Indian cottage cheese stuffed with pickling spices and then charcoal-grilled to smoky perfection.

Ema Datshi

For me, this is my personal favourite! It’s such a wholesome soup where the flavours of chillies and cheese retain their individuality and at the same time, blend well together beautifully. Ema Datshi is a classic Bhutanese and Tibetan chilli-cheese soup made with seasonal produce and it’s a must-order dish at Yantra.

Large plates

Our main courses consisted of Palak-Anjeer Kofta, Nimona and Ma Di Dal with assorted Naans. The best thing about Yantra food is that it doesn’t make you feel bloated! While it satiates our tastebuds, the food is light on tummies.

Palak-Anjeer Kofta

Fig-stuffed spinach koftas gently simmered in creamy coconut milk sauce is quite a unique combination and kudos to Chef’s creativity for this.


Peas lovers, you will love Nimona. It’s a glorious stew of curried sweet, green peas studded with petite fried cauliflower florets and aromatic ginger flower.

Nadru Yakhni

Very intriguing dish where Nadru, lotus roots get enrobed in an airy, delicately spiced mint yoghurt curry, with snow peas and water chestnut. Do try!

Ma Di Dal

Punjabi-style creamy black lentils, slow-cooked over a traditional wood-burning fire, served with soft white butter just like how Indian moms will make. Tastes great with rice as well naans.

We didn’t order rice we wanted to keep some space in our stomach for desserts. Garlic Naans and butter naans were amazing. Very fresh and soft to eat.

Kids friendly Fruit punch, Mango lassi and Masala buttermilk were our choices of drinks.


Saffron–flavoured crispy Jalebi Rabri

This dish took us back to our childhood memories for sure. Jalebi Rabri is a crowning glory for any festive meal. Flavoured flour fritters, cardamom flavoured reduced milk – you shouldn’t miss ordering it. Not only Indians but this dessert will everyone’s heart.

Food wise, service wise, presentation wise, this is definitely A++ restaurant without doubt. Yantra is currently hosting Kerala Food Festival which we are looking forward to attend. Do share with us how you love Yantra and what did you eat there.

For more information and reservations, visit Yantra’s website here:

Check Yantra’s menu here:

Yantra is located in Tanglin Mall at 163 Tanglin Rd, #01-129/130/131, Singapore 247933

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