Making Your Dream Kitchen a Reality

Though I am a full time working lady, cooking for my family is one of the activity that I really enjoy. Every day, I make breakfast, lunch and dinner and there’s considerable time and efforts are spent in my kitchen. When it comes to kitchen, there are a few things I am quite finicky about – Cleanliness, Organization and Look. Recently, I added Modori’s Sodam cookware and a few other items to my cookware collection and read on to find whether and how they help in making a dream kitchen a reality.

I have used Modori Goodle collection and those pans are going strong in my kitchen even now. So when I got to know about their Sodam collection, I wanted to definitely try. When I checked Modori website, I found that these sets are selling like hot cakes. Now after getting these beautiful looking pans and pots for my kitchen and after using them for some time, I can totally understand why thousands have bought Sodam cookware!

My 8 reasons for loving Modori Sodam Cookware

  • Aesthetics and Functionality both – perfect to cook and serve
  • Larger capacity of cooking due to wider cooking surface and deeper walls
  • Space saving because it can be easily stacked
  • Multi-function handle makes it easy to carry and to keep anywhere
  • High performance and durable coating that makes it easy to cook a variety of dishes
  • Compatible to use with gas, oven, induction cooker, dishwasher
  • 5-layered non-stick ceramic Xtrema coating that makes Sodam Cookware more durable
  • Made using safe and non-toxic materials

Modori Silicon Ice Ball Maker

We love to make round and pretty ice balls using Modori silicone ice ball maker. They are so fun to use for making solid foods, storing baby purees, making flavored jellies, storing garlic, chopped onions, broth, and many more.

Modori Silicone Container

Multipurpose and so versatile!! We can store anything and everything in these Modori Silicone containers. They are not too soft and are durable. Made of non-toxic materials.

RainbowDiaries rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yes, I don’t really have any reasons to complain and Modori Sodam Cookware set is a dream addition to my kitchen.

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