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As a parent, we should be so happy now since the pandemic is fast-turning into an endemic and we have started living with it. Kids silently suffered the most during last 2-3 years and they were like caged birds with very minimal access to school, outdoors and extra-curricular activities. Their childhood years badly got affected due to Covid. Thankfully, we are ready to put those years behind us and the first thing we should start acting about is how best we can restore all the missed fun for our kids!

International schools in Singapore are starting their Summer holidays soon and if you are looking for ways to engage your kids fruitfully during holiday then the best option is right here in the form of Camp Asia!!!

Pic: Camp Asia

Choose what’s best for your kid’s overall development

Camp Asia has always been the most favorite of parents and kids when it comes to super fun and learn activities. Whether the kid is 3-year old or 16-year old, there’s something for each one of them at Camp Asia.

With a wide variety of activities from sports, drama, academics and tech – Camp Asia will keep kids engaged to the core.

Choose from Multi-activity, Get physical, Be creative, Clever stuff or Tech-savvy options. Each camp is packed with nurturing activities for the holistic development of kids.

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Holiday Camps at Camp Asia

Pic: Camp Asia
Pic: Camp Asia

We have listed down options that you can choose from:

  • Multi-Activity (for 3-8 years old) – A fun-packed day, full of different activities including arts & crafts, sports and performing arts.
  • Super Soccer / Super Basketball (for 6-16 years old) – these camps are just perfect for your junior champs.
  • Super Gymnastics (for 4-10 years old) – flip, twist, tumble and somersault your way towards agility, confidence, good health and great fun.
  • Super Chef / Creative Coding (for 6-16 years old) – learn culinary arts or get tech-savvy.
  • Lego Robotics / Passion for Art (for 6-11 years old) – kids will be spoilt for choices.
  • Drama Academy (for 6-12 years old) – Live performance or exploring the world of acting, it’s all about edutainment.
  • Parkour (for 7-11 years old) – Make this world your playground through strength, agility and fearlessness!

Let’s Dance, Junior Scientist, Mini Dojo, Multi Adventure, Multi STEM, Extended Camp Hours – there are so many reasons why parents should consider Camp Asia for their kids.

Convenient Locations

Camp Asia is conducted at two very convenient locations – Stamford American International School and Australian International School. Both the locations are easily accessible by public transport. They also offer dedicated two-way bus service with stops across the island for just SG$120 for the week.

Coolest thing for your kids during the school holidays

Looking for a blast this school holidays? Look no further! Camp Asia is literally the coolest thing your kids can do during the school holidays! Camp Asia is offering a wide array of activities – from Multi Activity to various sports like martial arts, basketball, and parkour and even creative stuff like arts and dance.

For more information, head to:

There is sure to be something for everyone. Enjoy $50 0ff with promo code “campasia50”

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