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Your Solution to Blemishes: Kskin’s New Pigmentation Lightening and Brightening Treatment

Up your skincare game!! Given the very hot weather that comes with Singapore weather and the effects it has on our skin, Kskin is launching the new Pigmentation Lightening & Brightening Treatment.

If you are a super busy lady just like us and looking for skincare treatments that are fast yet effective; at the same time you don’t like to buy $$$$ worth of packages then Kskin is definitely for you! Also, they have outlets islandwide and you can drop by without appointments.

Every dermatologist recommends putting on sunscreen every day especially when you’re living in Singapore – a sunny country all year round. After all, such exposure to the sun will cause our skin to overproduce melanin which, in turn, will create dark spots on our skin; however, having to put on sunscreen every day can be tedious and difficult for those who easily forget. So, what can you do? The simple solution arrives in the form of a 30-minute Ksin Pigmentation Lightening & Brightening treatment.

For $50, you can treat dark spots, get rid of blemishes, even out your skin color, and improve your skin’s overall texture. Say goodbye to the unsightly on your face that occurs when you step into the heat or wear masks often. This is skincare at its finest.

This treatment will include deep cleansing and an application of hydration and antioxidant solutions to get rid of the built-up dead skin on the surface of your face and nourish your skin.

To treat your dark spots, Kskin will use in-house pigmentation creams while your excess sebum and impurities will be cleaned through high-frequency vibrations.

It doesn’t end there. Enjoy a blast of highly concentrated oxygen on your face to aid your skin in properly absorbing the serum. Then, Kskin will apply some of Kskin’s specially-formulated moisturizer and protective sunscreen to heighten the effects. To end this treatment with a crescendo, Kskin is adding a very relaxing facial massage to the mix.

Want to further improve your skin after treatment? Enter Kskin’s new Illuminating Serum for only $88. The best part? You don’t even have to go to the clinic. This serum can be used at home to further brighten, refine, and protect your skin. Enjoy this blend of triple illuminating and brightening ingredients that consist of Niacinamide, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, and Alpha Arbutin. Who knew skincare could be so easy?

Both the Kskin Pigmentation Lightening & Brightening Treatment and Illuminating Serum will be available at all Kskin outlets from July 13, 2022.

Find more on their Website at – www.kskinfacial.com


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