Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair

Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair For Kids – Right Posture Starts Early!

While pandemic has taken the form of endemic and schools, offices have resumed full-fledged, adults and kids both need some time to adjust to this new routine which somehow feels a lot more hectic than before. Kids have full-time school and then come back home, again catch up with homework / enrichment work and so on. Recently we got a new ergonomic chair from Hinomi H1 Pro Ergonomic Office Chair and then ordered this equally awesome Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair for my son!!!

Good posture starts early and we have to ensure as parents that our kids get conducive environment that puts less stress on their little spine. Room with a good natural light, ergonomic study table and chair play a very important role in motivating kids to study well and thrive. In this article, I have mentioned our reasons to get Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair and why it has become our favorite. Read on!

Designed for Kids

Kids and adults don’t have same bodies and requirements when it comes to sitting on the chair. Its functions and contours are shaped by studying the environment around kids. Hinomi’s designers have made a chair that will compliment the way children sit and move during long hours of study.

Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair eases the pressure on kids’ neck and back in all postures when:

  • They sit up straight to read for example
  • They lean forward to do homework
  • They lean backward during online learning

Perfect for growing kids

Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair looks cool and its shape is inspired by spaceship. It’s like a big toy that kids would love to be in. There are a number of unique structural elements in the chair’s design that provides ideal balance of art and functionality. The chair is adjustable as per the child’s height and that would ergonomically support a child’s development in an optimal manner.

It’s Exclusively for Kids and provides Dynamic Spinal support

When it comes to chairs, there’s this 90-90-90 Position which is widely suggested but it’s not that healthy in the long run especially for kids since it can be harmful to the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. It also adds extra pressure to the legs, especially when sitting for long hours. Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair combines 90-90-90 position with other positions and is meant exclusively for kids.

This chair automatically adjusts to child’s sitting position and is scientifically proven to support the spine. It flexes with every movement of kids.

Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair is easy to Adjust and provides Better Functionality

What I as a parent love the most is the fact that it’s easy to adjust and kids can do it on their own. Gas lift for height adjustment is straightforward and footrest is height-adjustable too along side detachable and rotatable.

Peace of mind for parents with its Gravity Self-locking Safety Wheels for kids more than 20 kilograms of weight and normal unlock mode to let the wheels free. Flip-up Armrest is a value-add.

It’s a Space-saving chair that kids can easily push under the study desk after work and Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair supports other activities like playing music instruments.

We love these features of Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair too!

We assembled the chair ourselves in few minutes. It looks great with Boneless Mesh & Arched Seat Edge and comes in 2 colors – blue or pink.

The breathable and boneless K+R mesh from Germany adapts to children’s bones and provides contouring comfort. Arched seat edge greatly reduces pressure built up in the back of their thighs.

It’s sweet that it comes with 15 Years Warranty and you can try their Free Doorstep Trial Service. It’s no wonder that Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair is Red Dot Design Award winner with all these powerful features.

Kids find it hard to focus when they are uncomfortable. Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair make kids comfortable with its orthopedic ergonomic features and it’s an excellent investment for their growing up years.

Sit comfortably, Concentrate better and Achieve more – as a parent there’s nothing else I would want for my kids!

Get you Hinomi Ergonomic Zee Chair here!

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