This Woman-Owned E-commerce Lingerie Shop Makes Comfy Intimates For Today’s Superwomen

Local e-commerce lingerie shop says what’s it all about in its tagline –

We make your boobies and booties happy


every woman deserves comfortable
and beautiful lingerie that makes her happy

and upon experiencing their products, when we write this buubees review, we can safely say that they live up to our expectations for sure.

Lingerie is an intimate and integral part of every woman’s life and we have to carefully choose the right ones that will not only look and feel great but also boost our confidence. Finding lingerie seems like it should be straightforward but the reality is that there are more options than ever and sites like make things easier for us.

Buubees review: Size, fit and style – things to look for when you buy lingerie

Wrong size of undergarments can prove disastrous and many of us have experienced it at some point in our life. The same is the case with fit. Too tight or too loose ruins the whole look. When it comes to choosing lingerie cup size and other measurements must be done correctly.

Style of lingerie is often underrated compared to our OOTD styles but it’s quite an important point to consider while buying lingerie. A good style not only makes you look smart and sexy in your own eyes. Whether its’s strapless or seamless, your personal choice of style should play a crucial role when you buy your undergarments. for all your lingerie needs

Buubees founded by Jasmine who is a practitioner of creative arts. Setting up a mini online boutique to help women find the right bras so that they have one less problem to deal everyday was always her dream. is great on the skin and wearing them should be as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. Buubees undergarments are carefully designed and tested to ensure that your boobies are well supported and happily nested!

  • Designed for comfort – Carefully thought put into delivering support and comfort
  • Quality Check – Products are tested for its precision and durability. Guaranteed survivor amongst your bras
  • Easy refund policy – If you are not happy about the purchases, within 14 days of purchase, you will get a full refund

Lots of varieties to choose from for your day-to-day needs:

  • Everyday Foundation Bra
  • No-Shift Strapless
  • Wildflower Bra
  • Buttercup Bra
  • Edamame
  • Astra
  • Hi Softie
  • Seamless Softie
  • Wildflower Panties
  • Peony Lace Panties
  • Rosette Bralette Set
  • Round Nipple Cover
  • 4 Hook Bra Extender

When we tried their lingerie, our first thoughts were – wow!! This is very comfy and feels like a part of it our skin. No painful straps or elastics neither any discomfort or stuffy feeling. We loved the cutting and it fits seamlessly without causing any irritation to private parts. You can forget about the choking sensation that you get with some bras once you switch to Buubees.

The material is high quality, soft and caressingly gentle. Also it’s straightforward to take care of buubees undergarments.

Spice up your wardrobe, feel comfortable in your skin and support this local, woman-led brand!

Browse their collections on

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