myFirst Fone R1s Review:Kids Smart Watch Phone is even smarter now!

When we started using myFirst Fone R1 in 2021, we thought that we have found peace of mind as parents. Now myFirst Fone R1s is here and it’s looking even smarter and better – in looks, in features. Parents and kids both surely are going to love this newest technological innovation.

We review it in this post. Read on!

myFirst Fone R1s is powered with new features

myFirst Fone R1s comes with a refined design, more storage, more music, and faster speed with the improved waterproof rating.

It also has heart rate monitoring. Steps target is included too for the young ones to remain active and fit.

More Styles

Your little dudes and darlings will love its interchangeable strap that comes in 8 different colors. New day, new strap, new style!

Easy Setup

Setting up this smart watch phone is as simple as saying A-B-C. Download an App on iOS & Android and set it up. This app allows parents to remotely access information on their kid’s watch phone with full parental control.

Improved UI

Kids can customize Watch Face with fun animated wallpapers. Overall the UI is easier, brighter and more fun.

Multiple text presets, Personalized reminders are some other useful features that kids can use and parents will like.

Peace of mind for parents

Kids can be in touch with parents all the time and the features like – Real time GPS Tracking, 4G voice / data / video call, One touch SOS that sends distress signals to parents with an emergency location alert with a 30 seconds live recording of surrounding sounds, Class mode that ensures kids will focus on studies while in school – give complete peace of mind to parents. Kids’ safety is the ultimate priority of parents.

1500 Songs on Kids’ Wrists

Kids love music and now myFirst Fone R1s lets them store a whooping number of 1500 songs.

Heart Rate Monitoring and Activity Tracker

Heart Rate Monitoring in the new R1s allows parents to set the high heart rate alert in the app. The R1s detects if kid is running and then it will auto-detect the heart rate. It will send an alert to slow down if the beats exceed the beats per minute set up by parents.

The activity tracker shows the achievement and encourages the young one to achieve their daily target. Rewards with unique badges.

Impressed? Check Out myFirst Fone R1s here!

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