Earth Day Special: Check Out These Apps To Help Kids Learn More About Our Planet!

To mark this Earth Day, lets take our kids on a mind-expanding adventure with some of the App Store’s most eco-positive offerings. These apps have the power to instill not only a sense of magical wonder about the living world around us, but also plant the seeds of caring for our beautiful blue world. Bonus: a lot of fun!

On App Store:

All the World: explore + learn
On iPhone & iPad 
Watch inspiring and fun videos for children 4-10 years old on a wide range of topics that will help explain how the world works, and challenge kids to explore. There are also videos on Science and Nature which explore topics like why trees are important, and how to reduce, reuse, recycle. 

WWF Free Rivers
On iPhone & iPad
Using the power of Augmented Reality (AR), WWF Free Rivers lets you view a digital diorama of a rural landscape, complete with hills, rivers and agriculture, right in the room you’re in. Explore how droughts and flooding can have an impact on land and life, or learn about how dams are built with this nifty app.

Grow Recycling
On iPhone & iPad
Learn to take care of our planet’s resources with fun recycling activities. With groovy characters, funky music and more, kids will learn to how to make new products out of the garbage they’ve sorted. 

What’s in the Oceans?
On iPhone & iPad 
An educational app about the deep sea and the animals that call it home. Learn about the pollution of the oceans and its dangers. See how plastics, overfishing, climate change and ships affect the life and health of different ecosystems. 

Eco Birds
On iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
Help the Eco Birds save their home and environment from being destroyed by deforestation, pollution and oil spills in this highly addictive game. With an environmental focus, you’ll increase your score with more trees you replant and villains you hit. 

Lumino City
On iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
Lumino City is a puzzle adventure designed to raise awareness about renewable energy technologies and sustainable practices as an intrinsic part of the gameplay. Almost every puzzle in the game involves powering up a location using renewable technologies, or explores a form of self-sufficiency. 

On Apple Arcade:

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees
Journey with a family of gibbons as they find themselves lost in a dangerous world. The game deals with challenging but acute environmental topics such as deforestation, poaching and climate change. 

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
Go on an adventure to protect the beauty and nature of a faux Mediterranean island where players can also learn about the different species inhabiting the island. 

Beyond Blue
Beyond Blue is a single-player narrative adventure where players explore the mysteries of our ocean through the eyes of Mirai, a deep-sea explorer and scientist. Offering an in-game encyclopaedia as well as footage from the award-winning documentary Blue Planet II, it encourages players to learn about and reflect on the incredible vastness of our ocean. 

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