Benefits of Slow Juicer + Blender with Balzano Yoga Blender

Slow Juicers and Blenders both have their own benefits but at the same time they have their cons too. For example: With slow juicer, the extracted juice consists of maximum vitamins since slow juicers operate at slow speed rpm which ensures that vitamins such as A and C are not lost. But since the fibre is separated the juice is a just a sugar shot.

On the other hand, blenders operate at high speed rpm such as 20,000 to 28,000 resulting in the the blades heating up fast and all the heat sensitive vitamins such as A and C are lost.

Now it’s possible to get the best of both the worlds with Balzano Yoga Blender! It’s the only blender which does the exact task of chewing the food for you.

The Balzano Yoga Blender comes with signature Cyclonic Waterfall Motion and Stone Grind Technology. The continuous cyclonic motion makes the juice rotate in the jar.

Remember our grandparents used to tell that we should  chew the food 32 times? And it was and is always right because as per Ayurveda, when you chew food 32 times, it extracts maximum nutrients from the food. Also after chewing, the food gets broken down into smaller pieces which becomes very easy to digest.

Exactly this principle is applied in Balzano Yoga Blender’s Stone Grind Technology where the food passes through the plates of 0.2mm gap which have teeth on them. When the food is passed through the plates, it gets stone grinded that means chewed, just like we chew naturally.

When you blend for a minimum 40 seconds the fruits or vegetables get stone grinded 32 times giving you a juice which is easy for digestion and thereby ensuring maximum nutrition. This is indeed the coolest feature we have got in recent times when it comes to slow juicers and blenders. Definitely, Balzano Yoga Blender is a very innovative gadget.

Some other features to watch out for:

  • Convenient to use and easy to clean.
  • Faucet type juice outlet which just lets open the tap and pour the juice in the glass.
  • Bigger jar size for making juice for the entire family.
  • Enjoy seedless juice with automatic seed separation feature.
  • It retains your 100% fibre and maximum nutrients.
  • The only blender which allows you to control the fiber in your juice.
  • Its slow juicing technique allows to retain the heat sensitive vitamins such as A and C.
  • Works silently.

Balzano Yoga Blender’s Cyclonic waterfall motion mimics the act of chewing the food again and again helping to release maximum nutrients from the food. While its Stone grind technology uses principles of Ayurveda in which the fiber is pre chewed so that you get a juice which is easy for digestion.

Balzano Yoga Blender is a great kitchen appliance that combines the benefits of Slow Juicing and Blending. With this blender, making juice is like saying 1-2-3. Do check out Balzano Yoga Blender for your family too!

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