This Korean-made Cookware could be the solution to your Frying Pans Woes

Raise your hand if you are forever searching for a good frying pans! Pans that combine the benefits of stainless steel and cast iron and at the same time are good-looking, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain + cost-effective while promoting healthier cooking. Recently we switched to Korean-made Modori Goodle Collection and must say that it’s working very well for our kitchen.

That’s why we are sharing more about this collection with you all. Read on!

Modori Goodle Collection is good-looking

We liked its Minimalist packaging and prompt delivery. When we opened the package, the first thing that caught our attention is – how eye-pleasing it is. The black and wood combination will suit any kitchen theme.

The texture is smooth and finishing is seamless.

Saucepan, Frying pan with lid and Egg pan

Goodle Saucepan

Goodle Frying Pan 24cm

24cm Pan Lid of Frying Pan

Goodle Egg Pan

Modori Goodle Collection includes all the above. We love how it gives convenience and flexibility to cook various dishes whether it’s Asian or western. Their different sizes make it possible to fry various quantities of food depending on your requirement.

It is suitable for cooking with various stoves whether it is Gas Stove or Induction Cooker or Ceramic Cooker/ Heating Plate making it very versatile.

Please note that it can’t be used in the microwave.

Modori Goodle Collection uses Inoble coating technology

When it comes to the coating of frying pans, we always prefer it to be long lasting. Modori uses Inoble coating that is 7 times thicker than the ordinary coating and will not crack.

Easier to clean, PFOA free

Modori Goodle collection handles are made from the wood of the Korean Somei Yoshino cherry tree. It is comfortable to hold, easy to grasp, no harmful substances. Modori handle has no rivets, is more hygienic, and is easy to clean!

In addition to PFOA FREE, Modori only uses high-purity aluminum, so there is no need to worry about harmful substances.

4 Reasons why you should consider it?

Modori Goodle Collection combines all the advantages of coated cookware, stainless steel cookware, and cast iron cookware. It adopts a special Inoble coating, a patented oil road method, and is made of fine coating particles, which enhances the non-stick effect and makes it easier to clean after use.

☑️Passed millions of tests: Long-lasting coating
☑️Patented oil road method: Strengthen the non-stick effect
☑️Great heat retention: Same heat retention effect as cast iron
☑️Ideal for long-term durability and performance

Get your Modori Goodle Collection

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