Smoother, More Manageable Hair with Venetian Salon’s Keratin Complex Smoothing Hair Treatmen

My hair was in a mess!! Recently I did a few chemical treatments that needed to bleach hair and sigh, lack of proper care after the treatment left them look and feel lifeless, patchy, very dry and grass-like. Things went really out of control when I couldn’t even comb them properly. What to do? What to do? I was thinking and suddenly remembered that in 2020, one of the consultants at Venetian Salon had done keratin treatment for my friend and she loved it. I needed a savior that can streamline my messy hair, so I enquired at Venetian Salon and they said now they have even a better and upgraded Keratin treatment. I immediately took the next available appointment.

Read on my review about Keratin Complex Smoothing Hair Treatment and how it makes hair smoother and so much more manageable.

For the information of newbies in Singapore, Venetian Hair & Makeup is a full-service hair and beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing high client satisfaction by rendering excellent service and quality products.

SG Clean

Honestly, since last year whenever wherever I go, this is my first question – Are you SG Clean certified?

Yes, Venetian Salon is SG Clean Certified! Their whole team has spent so much time to ensure we comply with the stringent processes set forth by the gov and it is an ongoing practices we have to adhere to in order to maintain this certification.

What is Keratin Complex Smoothing Hair Treatment?

This customizable treatment is powered by K-Pure Juice™ and has the ability to define curl, smooth frizz, or straighten hair for up to 3 months. I found that “Customizable” part the best because everyone has different types of hair and hair goals.

Why I opted for it and loved it?

When I visited Venetian my hair was in a bad state – dry(est), frizziest and so messy that I couldn’t even comb it. See this picture and you’ll know what I mean!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether and how far will it work on my hair? But pleasantly surprised because it made my hair really smoother,softer and so much more manageable. I’m writing this review after 3-4 weeks and I can safely say that it worked superbly for me and you might want to try it too!

My reasons of opting for it:

• Powered by K-Pure Juice™, a proprietary juice blend of keratin, botanicals and amino acids
• Preserves the hair fibers’ mechanical strength
• Increases manageability, retains moisture and delivers radiant shine
• Defines curl while smoothing frizz
• Zero downtime—hair can be pulled back or styled same day
• Cumulative results
• No change to curl pattern
• Results last up to 3 months
• Customizable

I also must mention that the duration of this treatment is somewhat shorter than some other treatments I have done before. So it’s great for busy moms like you and me to get it done quarterly / six-monthly depends on your hair condition.

Here’s the final result which is like 360 degrees turn for my hair.

I summarized my experience in this reel. Do watch!

PS: Venetian Salon also offers facials and other skincare treatments. Do check out. Also, if you are looking for Home treatments for your hair and skin, ask their consultants who can suggest correct products that will work for you.

We tried CASMARA purifying oxygenating moisturising cream that contains pure oxygen. It has a beautiful fragrance and keeps skin moisturised for all day long. In our experience, it works great for dry skin. Do try it out!

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