Review: We test tasted Tong Garden Premium Nuts and Snacks

Snacking makes life fun! If we keep aside calories for a while and think about snacks then yes, who doesn’t love them? On top of it, if the snacks come from a local brand like Tong Garden which is trusted since 1963, more the merrier! We test tasted some best-sellers from Tong Garden and here’s the review. Yummy post ahead!

Tong Garden Premium Nuts and Snacks

Tong Garden is a famous Mixed Nuts Supplier that supplies various nuts, confectioneries, and snack food products while caring deeply about their products, people and customers. We can expect no compromise on quality and they constantly innovate to bring more great-tasting snacks. We all must have seen Tong Garden products in leading supermarkets and online too.

A Variety Of Premium Nuts And Snacks

Tong Garden offers a huge variety. There’s something for everyone in the family = Nuts, Seeds, Biscuits, Potato snacks, Dried Fruits, Chestnuts, Seaweed and so much more.

Some of our personal favorites are:

Apple Pie – Baked Nuts & Dried Fruits Daily Pack

You will love chewy cinnamon scented dried apples, buttery pecans, sweet pistachio kernels, creamy cashews, juicy cranberries in this Apple Pie. Healthy with antioxidants and Vitamin E, K, B6, C, Apple Pie comes in convenient packs.

Berry Mix – Baked Nuts & Dried Fruits Daily Pack

Just like Apple Pie Daily pack, Berry Mix is enticing with its medley of nuts and dried fruits consists of eight different ingredients to keep your taste buds delighted with each bite. Macadamia, walnuts, almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds are paired with dried blueberries, cranberries and jumbo Thompson raisins.

Mango Tango – Baked Nuts & Dried Fruits Daily Pack

Mango Tango is super tempting and just like Apple Pie and Berry Mix, it’s a perfect healthier snacking option for people who are on the go. Tropical mango, pineapple and coconut are perfectly complemented by earthy walnuts, creamy macadamias, almonds, cashews and pumpkin seeds in this pack.

Cheezy Pizza Cashew Nuts Mixed Almonds

We all love Pizza but can’t eat it all the time due to very high fatty content. I think this nuts option is a cool alternative to satisfy pizza cravings. Tong Garden’s Cheezy Pizza Cashew Nuts Almonds are coated with cheese and Italian spices. We all know that Cashew and almonds are known for their many health benefits.

Onion & Garlic Broad Beans with Skin

Burst of flavors in this snack we must say! We love this heady concoction of onion and garlic powder and buttery broad beans.

Tong Garden Cereal Granola Bite – Chocolate & Banana

The flavor combination of granola with chocolate & banana is very fun in our opinion.

Dried Fruits

Sungift Dried Guava and Sungift Dried Mango

Addictive and super delish, these Sungift Dried Guava and Sungift Dried Mango are those healthy snacks that will satisfy our taste buds anytime every time.

Mangoes are specially sourced from the Philippines and guavas are yummiliciously chewy.

Now this is something we didn’t know. Tong Garden offers yummy Creamy Peanut Butter. Tong Garden Creamy Peanut Butter is made with peanuts blended with a pinch of salt and cane sugar for a touch of sweetness. Also, Tong Garden Butter Cookies are favorites with our kids.

How about Netflix marathon with assortment of Tong Garden’s Chips and Popcorn? Again, big variety and lovely flavors, textures and taste.

This time we got all our Tong Garden favorites from their online shop. Prompt delivery and same high quality. We always find their products very fresh, tasty and easy on tummy.

Shop for your favorite Tong Garden Premium Nuts and Snacks here:

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