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I Created My Unique Perfume At Maison 21G Bespoke Fragrance House

If you want to try a perfume that’s out of the box and represents truly you and you are a firm believer of the fact that one size doesn’t fit all then Maison 21G Bespoke Fragrance House is a must-visit place for you. I was getting quite clueless with the usual perfumes that we find in stores and was looking to get something uniquely special and different than the rest. This quest led me to Maison 21G – a Bespoke Fragrance House of Scent Designers where you are empowered to create the scent of your soul. Truly avant-garde experience I must say! Oh yes, it’s loving to your health, personality and the planet.

Maison translates from French as ‘home’. The Bespoke Fragrance House believes in making the noble French art of perfumery accessible to all while combining their expertise in scent design with your unique vision in every precious creation.

Why I attended Perfume Making Workshop at Maison 21G and created my perfume?

I was keen to explore the art of perfume making and I couldn’t find a better place than Maison 21G.

High quality perfume:
All the eau de parfum of theirs contain 21% of perfume concentrate which is the highest in the industry.

Designed for you by you to suit your personality
It’s you who decides which essences go in your perfume and how you want to personalize the bottle via the perfume making workshop.

To the planet
Maison 21G use only vegan sustainably-sourced natural ingredients and reusable plastic-free packaging. Now that was a winner for me!

To your health
Say bye bye to strong smelling perfumes that literally give you headaches. Maison 21G perfumes are made from the high level of natural oils and offer health benefits for body and soul.

Maison 21G Bespoke Fragrance House: Perfume Creation Atelier – What happens in the workshop?

Perfect for layperson like me since this workshop lets you begin the sensory voyage into the realm of scent. Starting with a Personality Quiz, the perfume expert uncovers the art of perfumery for you and helps you discover your scent personality.

I gained quite a cool knowledge about fragrances and the process that goes behind it during this workshop. The meaning of base, middle / heart and top notes of perfumes, which perfume will go well with another and many other things I explored during the workshop.

Result: Take home your own signature perfume at the end of this fun, dynamic, and fascinating workshop.

More Information

Maison 21G Bespoke Fragrance House offers a wide range of personalized perfumes, workshops, gifting solutions and more.

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